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Jose Aldo after all is not that invincible superman that the American media and fans say?

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Asked at 2011.05.03 02:43:12
I know that media ADORE to worship specific fighters for certain reasons in American sports (i won't over analyze, whoever understands, understands) but the Brazilian did not look that great last night or like this "unstoppable" machine media keep telling us. I mean in WEC against mediocre fighters he did good, but i expect him to get smashed against an elite UFC wrestler like Mendes let's say!

Bottom line, Aldo is very good NO DOUBT, but overrated as hell by the American media for obvious reasons. We all know tha Hominick is not special in any way and he still gave this overrated boy a hell of a fight.
answer I ♥ Θ.Κ. ΙÎ℠ Answered at 2011.05.03 02:43:12
The Aldo/Hominick was definitely the fight of the night.

Before the fight, they kept talking about how Aldo was known for his "legendary" BJJ skills. All I saw was a man who tired easily right after the first round, and even though he gave that big baseball size lump on the forehead of Hominick, he still was not able to finish him off. In the end, his "legendary" skills failed him, as Hominick nearly pummeled him to death (in ground fighting which was supposed to be Aldo's specialty), and in my opinion, he really did not deserve to retain his title for (1) not being able to finish off his opponent, and (2) for nearly getting killed at the end of the fight. Hominick clearly showed who was the true warrior, and he also clearly showed how vulnerable and stoppable Aldo really is.
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