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  Where can I get A relatively cheap mermaid tail that looks good?

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Emily Beaulieu 
Asked at 2011.04.27 00:38:55
I want a mermaid tail to swim in that isn't to cheap or to expensive because I was told the one I wanted was way too expensive compared to some mermaid tails out there in the market so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell where I can get mermaid tail before this summer(In Two months) I'm having a large yard sale to save up for mermaid tail and I need help! thanks In advanced!
answer Katie  Answered at 2011.04.27 00:38:55
If you don't want to spend too much money to buy mermaid tails, you can buy water proof fabric and make one. there should also be leftover to make a matching top. you can also look on youtube to find easy instructions on how to make one instead mermaid tails.
answer 24.22.114.* Answered at 2011.08.29 10:25:17
On ebay they have really cheap mermaid tails for $35.00, but $15.00 shipping of mermaid tails. These mermaid tails are nice and look like they're made of spandex and they come with a monofin, too. There are also slightly more expensive ones for $100.00 plus $15.00 shipping, and they also come with a monofin. They're nice and might have some neoprene in them. There are even more expensive mermaid tails that are really nice and come with monofins and are $200.00 and either $15.00 shipping or free shipping (I forgot :P)
answer 70.185.188.* Answered at 2012.03.15 07:24:15
go to mermagica they have cheap mermaid tails that r good quality i just bout one for 80.00
answer Emalee  Answered at 2012.03.19 05:09:47
Well I just made one cuz theyre way too expensive to buy... Good luck :D
answer cece  Answered at 2012.03.25 10:48:04
fin tails
answer 24.187.54.* Answered at 2012.05.20 09:24:35
answer 74.140.106.* Answered at 2012.05.28 17:25:36
I wanna know too but all the websites are like over 110 bucks :( and makin them well u need a monofn and i have looked and they cost a little less than the ones u see on EBAY
liaozexin Answered at 2012.08.06 00:31:51
ebay is the best choice ,nice and cheap
answer 98.126.66.* Answered at 2012.08.06 20:52:35
it's easy to find it on ebay
answer 98.126.66.* Answered at 2012.08.12 19:34:33
it's hard to get the cheap mermaid tail,but easy to get the cheap football shirts
answer 108.216.70.* Answered at 2012.11.09 19:49:58
FIN FUN.COMMERMAIDS HAS TAILS AS CHEAP AS 29.95!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
answer 166.147.88.* Answered at 2013.04.24 22:30:03
No they don't I cheacked
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