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Recurring Dream That Husband is Cheating/Leaving Me?

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Love My Hubby 
Asked at 2011.04.24 20:29:48
Do you think these dreams are my conscience's way of telling me that if I don't treat my husband better he might leave me?
My husband and I are going through a stressful time and although we're not necessarily fighting more, we're just not the way we used to be. Since I've been having these dreams I wake up very upset (usually I don't dream about things like this) and so I've been working hard to be close and do things together like we used to and keep my husband happy.
But do you think I started having those dreams because I was slowly getting to the point where we were more like strangers than husband & wife?

P.S. I have no belief that my husband is cheating as he is a very sweet, honest man. I think it's more about the leaving than the cheating because in the dreams I am always distraught that he is leaving me, not that he has been with another woman.
answer IntuitiveImpressions  Answered at 2011.04.24 20:29:48
These dreams are tricky to interpret because the dreamer must want really the genuine answer in order to be guided; people rarely want to hear the real answer here. But I will try anyway. Our dreams are mostly guided by our subconscious. Our subconscious picks up on things that our conscious mind may be in denial of or may not want to hear.

1) At the very least, there are issues in your relationship, and your subconscious may be picking up on this and it comes out in the dream; or 2) you may be insecure and this is coming out in the dream; or 3) you may be picking up on the fact that he is distancing himself from you right now; or 4) your subconscious could be picking up on the fact that he is cheating on you; and finally, 5) all of the above.
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