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Multipurpose River Valley Projects and alternate water supply methods in India?  

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fibin fa 
Asked at 2011.04.21 02:38:02
• Role of multipurpose river valley projects
• Evaluation of positive and negative aspects of river valley projects
• Case study on one river valley and one local area conservation project
 Narmada Bachao Andolan
 Tehri Dam Andolan
The case study should include the following:-
• Rehabilitation of the displaced population
• Environment Impact Assessment
It should contain at least 15 pages.
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answer 124.125.251.* Answered at 2012.04.20 03:06:56
answer 124.125.251.* Answered at 2012.04.20 03:07:35
answer 106.186.125.* Answered at 2016.03.01 22:05:15
answer 103.69.26.* Answered at 2016.12.17 07:21:21
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