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Gibbs Free Energy and Equilibrium?

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Asked at 2011.04.20 23:28:24
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Using relative enthalpy and entropy values, determine how the process is affected after each of the following temperature or pressure changes? Consider that a more effective reaction produces more product or more product in a shorter amount of time.

Reaction: SO2 (g) + 2H2S (g) ↔ 3S(s) + 2H2O (g)

Substance | ΔG kJ/mol | ΔH kJ/mol
H2O(g) | -228.6 | -241.8
H2O(l) | -237.1 | -285.8
SO2(g) | -300.4 | -296.9
SO3(g) | -370.4 | -395.2
H2S(g) | -33.01 | -20.17
S(s) | 0 | 0

Categorize into: "More Effective" ~ "Less Effective" ~ "Equally Effective"

- Temp. decreases while maintaining container size
- Temp. increases while maintaining container size
- Pressure decreases while maintaining container size
- Pressure increases while maintaining container size

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answer Ashley P  Answered at 2011.04.20 23:28:24
more - temp dec./press increase
less- temp incre/press decrease

Think about the mols of gas on each side. As the pressure increases it will seek a new eq. on the side with the least number of mols. In this case this will be the products side so more products are formed and thus is was more effective. The temperture affects it becasue it is exothermic and if you decrease the temp you are removing heat, and so the new eq. will be towards the products as
A->B+q is for exothermic processes and removing so q (heat) will force the reaction to shift from l to r.
ashimagupta02 Answered at 2022.01.29 04:25:42;area=summary;u=35987
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