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Really wanting to take a pregnancy test but Im scared that's its going to be negative ! Help?

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~Needs a BFP~ 
Asked at 2011.04.19 20:54:24
So Me and My Hubby are ttc and every month its the same thing I have signs and think that Im pregnant then AF shows up ! anyways My periods vary they come like every 27-30 days sometimes I really can't remember when it came on for February but i know it was in the teens but for March it came on the 17th We baby danced every two days up until when i thought ovulation was going to occur which should have been the 31st I can also feel it and we also did it up until like April 2nd anyways if I was suppose to come on the 14th that would mean im a day late but I don't want to test because I just know that it will be negative because that's what Im use to. My symptoms are I've been really crampy since 6 dpo,fatigue (especially in the day time), little minor headaches,minor pains around or on my ovaries since ovulation sore boobs just a little and white CM no smell STMI.. I know you guys aren't doctors but any past experience ? I have also been really gassy maybe thats the cause for stomach pain !
answer *HALEY*  Answered at 2011.04.19 20:54:24
yes. i was TTC for 13 months and i took at least 50 tests and they all came out negative. so i was just used to it. And i dreaded doing it every month but i knew it had to be done. i was so sure sometimes just to be shot down. it happens. i just found out i am pregnant yesterday!!!!! i am sooo excited. so basically don't be so scared to take it cause it might be what you want it to be. and don't completely tell yourself its going to be a negative cause then of course your going to hate doing it. give yourself a little hope. you will get pregnant and have a baby someday whether its in 9 months or 10 years. baby dust to you. i have hope for you.
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