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My two and a half year old son is stuttering badly?

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Asked at 2011.04.19 01:56:36
About three weeks ago, my mother noticed that my son was stumbling with his words a little, just repeating the first syllable every now and again, I said that I hadn't really noticed, and that I wasn't really concerned since he didn't do it often.
Since she's pointed it out, I've noticed has got a lot worse.
What started out as prolonging the first part of the word (ie: mmmmmmmmmmmummy) is turning into a full fledged problem for him. He's trying to force words out, mostly unsuccessfully and stressing himself out over it.

Since I noticed, I've been patient with him, and have sat with him and calmed him down, and we've read books together. I've tried talking slowly, and making sure that he can see I'm listening to him and paying attention to what he is saying.
When is the point where I seek a referral to a speech therapist for him?
I don't want to wait it out too much longer since he's getting quite distressed over it.
It's heart breaking to watch, and so it's very hard to keep the worry from my face when he tries.

Is there anything I can do which I haven't already done before going to a GP for a referral?
Please help.
answer FrostFaerie  Answered at 2011.04.19 01:56:36
he has already reached the point where you need to do something about it.. as soon as it becomes destressing for the child is when something like this needs urgent attention.
my brother had a terrible stutter when he was 2 or 3. he went to a speech pathologist for a year or so. hes 26 now and you'd hardly know he ever had a problem.. the only time he stutters at all (minorly) is when he is very nervous or very tired.
all you can do until you see the speech pathologist is just to keep doing what you are doing. calm him down, tell him not to worry if the words wont come out. tell him to think about the word before he says it if he starts to worry.. but most of all, play it down. dont make a big deal about it because the more he thinks its a problem, the more it will be.
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