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11 yr old going on school trip and her monthly periods might overlap on trip days. Worried Mom?

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Asked at 2011.04.18 20:58:00
My daughter is very new at getting monthly periods. She is eagerly waiting for her school trip(3 days) from last year. I am worried her periods might overlap on those days. What can I do? Is there any medicine I can give her so she won't have periods on those days? It takes her longgg time in changing and shower. Plus sometimes she gets tummy ache. Thank you
answer Maiko  Answered at 2011.04.18 20:58:00
Have her take a safe pain reliever and if necessary, tell the people in charge of this trip know that she has an over the counter medicine with her. You don't have to explain why, just say she has had a headache or whatever. Make sure she has a discreet little purse or makeup bag to keep tampons, pads and maybe extra undies just in case. Also wearing dark colored pants and taking a sweatshirt to tie around her waist can ease her mind about accidents.

Having a period is part of being a woman. All women have to deal with a period at inconvenient times. You go prepared and you deal with it. In this day and age, women are police officers, fire fighters, professional athletes, doctors and we all have periods. We can't just take a pill and stop it just because it is inconvenient. This is life. We also can't go taking pills for something that isn't a sickness and we can't stay home and hide from the world for 3-7 days out of the month!

Taking some pill to stop her period might mess up her hormones or make it worse...Like she could START it instead of stop it! This isn't predictable and may not be safe. Also, you don't want to teach her that life has to stop just because she has her period. You also don't want to teach her that pills solve everything. As long as she feels okay she can continue on with her normal activities. So long as she is prepared she has nothing to worry about! I know this is hard as a mom. You don't want her feeling uncomfortable and weird. But you ALSO don't want to reinforce old-fashioned Victorian-Age stereotypes like "You must lay in bed and rest" etc, etc. Best of luck. I hope this helps!
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