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  Does the whooping cough shot hurt I'm so scared I need it to go to seventh grade!?

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Asked at 2011.04.18 20:53:58

answer cat_lover913  Answered at 2011.04.18 20:53:58
It isn't any worse than any other shot. My trick is to start talking to your mom or whoever's there with you, and DON'T look at your arm when they're giving you the shot. It'll be over before you know it! Plus you get a cool band-aid :)
answer 96.41.49.* Answered at 2011.06.10 17:05:28
I'm actually scared myself, and I'm getting it, too. My big sister recently got the shot, and so I asked if it hurt, and she said it didn't hurt at all except you will feel a slight pinch when they put in the shot, so I'm guessing she's right...
answer tony64  Answered at 2011.08.10 23:44:52
if it hurts im kicking your ass
answer me123  Answered at 2012.04.13 18:06:56
It wont hurt trust me. Just chew gum and it will take your mind of the shot, and close your eyes. chewing gum helps me ALOT.
answer 71.214.179.* Answered at 2012.06.08 07:52:40
It doesn't hurt at all. There will be a slight pinch when the needle touches your skin, but you will only feel it for .oooo1 of a second.
answer 75.10.120.* Answered at 2012.11.03 13:58:21
it doesn`t hurt at all trust me it will be over when you know it! GOOD LUCK!
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xiaojun Answered at 2017.10.10 21:06:31
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