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Someone tried to shoot me with an airsoft gun!!! What now?

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Asked at 2011.04.17 21:36:50
So i was at a public park and these kids (in my grade, but i wasn't with them or anything) showed at and they had a air soft gun and they kept pointing it at some people. One kid shot his friend in the leg. And then me and my friend were there and they kept pointing it at us. like our legs (we were wearing shorts) and our arms. I told them to stop pointing the gun at us and then the kid with the gun shot the it in my direction about elbow level. then he pointed it at my friend . About 2 minutes later he pointed it at my head. And said he would shoot it. And i said if you do il call the cops. then he said "well they wont do anything, they'll just yell at you" is this true? He kept taking my friend and mine's ripstiks and kept riding them all over almost breaking them. Every-time we said to give them back they pointed the gun at us. The gun was loaded the whole time. could they get in trouble or not.Also my uncle is there their dad's, uncles, and cousin's boss but they dont know he is my uncle. so could they get in trouble or would i just get in trouble for calling the cops??????
answer Alex  Answered at 2011.04.17 21:36:50
it is illegal to use or carry an airsoft gun on public property and shooting someone with an airsoft gun is assault with a dangerous weapon and will usually be taken seriously by the police.
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