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Which European countries recognize World Passport ?  

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Jack Milson 
Asked at 2011.04.11 21:27:59
there are 150 countries around the world that recognize world passport , can anyone tell me which European countries recognize it ?
answer GerdP  Answered at 2011.04.11 21:27:59
No country recognize it!!
Don't believe what these people tell on their website. They just want to sell that useless document. The visa sample they show for Austria is actually a stamp that documents that road toll has paid to use the highway across the Brenner mountain pass towards Italy. The German sample is a stamp of the tourist office of the Duisburg Railway station about 80 kilometer (50 miles) from the Dutch border. Both are no immigration stamps (visa).
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(to which a visa may not be affixed)
Fantasy passports (T-Z)
("Passports" issued by minorities, sects and population groups and identity documents, etc., issued by private organisations and individuals)

"Trust Territory of the Pacific Island"
"Transnational Republic"
"UNHCO" - "Official Passport"
"United Nations of America, State of Delaware" 1
"UNO"-"United Office Inc" - "Diplomatic Passport" 2
"Vereinigte Länder des Deutschen Ostens im Deutschen Reich" (United Countries of the German East in the German Empire) 2
"Valasheko Kralovsztvia"
"World passport"/"World Service Authority Passport"
"World Development Organisation" 2
"World Parliament - Confederation of Chivalry" 2

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