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Wonder just found a WOUNDED BIRD in his back yard...?

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Wonder Cat: Nut Lover 
Asked at 2011.04.07 02:54:13
Help! This is serious...
Wonder lives in the country and there are no emergency vets around these parts (over an hour away). :((((

Any advice? :((((
I know birds are so fragile. I moved it away from harm (for now) but an animal will kill it before nightfall. :(
I am afraid to bring it onto the gargage, and to put it into shock and kill it that way ... :(
Please help.
Wonder is so sad now.... :((((
answer catz  Answered at 2011.04.07 02:54:13
put it in a box with a lid (air holes of course) if you have one, or a cat carrier (lined with paper and soft rags or something. keep it in a warm area. you might put a little water in a dish in there too. it might be just stunned or something..? anyway, keep it in a quiet sorta dark area so it will be calm. i have bird seed so i always put that in too but anyway i would keep it like that overnight then see if it can fly in the morning..just keep it from getting cold...i've done this so many times and usually the bird recovers fine and flys away, unless it's really hurt bad then i take it to the wildlife're an angel of a wonder cat!
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