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Retrieving News: Television or Internet?

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Asked at 2011.04.06 21:40:41
Nowadays the internet is making it more convenient for everyone (different age groups, religions, political backgrounds, etc.) to retrieve their news. Of course we all love the convenience of the internet but what other aspects do viewers (news) enjoy of news retrieval via the internet?

F.Y.I - If the answers received are logical I will probably use them in my research essay and everyone will be sited as a source with the link to the survey provided. Thanks in advance and if you all will want a copy of the essay just let me know.
answer Jessi  Answered at 2011.04.06 21:40:41
On the internet regarding stories being covered by the mainstream/tv new you can get differing points of view and analysis of what is going on. Some sites provide links to articles that can give you a historical background of the current event which provides context.
A lot of the news you can find on the internet isn't even covered by TV news, as someone said it is less controlled and can not be suppressed as easily as TV news. On the other hand, like TV news, news on the internet can be biased and twisted to serve purposes.
Also I can look for things that interest me in particular and not just what Sky or RTE or the BBC consider important.
And on the internet you can discuss the events online with others and give comments perhaps under the video/article. Its good for getting different points of view and seeing the bigger picture!
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