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  *PAIN in stomach or maybe Ovaries???? so painful!?

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Asked at 2011.04.02 02:30:03
I need help guys, i dont know what i 24 and im healthy..i never had any serious health problems.
for the past couple years a have been getting really bad sharp stomach pains, but recently its gotten allot worse. it usually happens in the mornings, the pain is to the point of not being able to walk and i feel like passing out.(sometimes after i have a bowl movement the pain eases) i get very constipated all the time and feel very bloated. My periods are very very irregular..if i get ONE a year ill be lucky. Also when i have intercourse and my boyfriend gets deep i get very bad sharp pain deep inside..i was thinking maybe i have ovarian cysts? or IBS?? or could it be something else? anyone have anything similar? i will be going to a doctor soon to get checked. thank you for your thoughts!!!
answer Shujinko  Answered at 2011.04.02 02:30:03
Omg, i know how u feel, i have a cyst right now and ive had ibs for a few years

I have had ovarian cysts twice, i have one right now, my husband and i had sex a few nights ago and it hurt like hell but only in one side, im not really sure why. my period is late by a week and a half (im not pregnant)

i have the implanon in my arm and have had it for 2 years last month (birth control) my periods are out of control, irregular always, i never have a normal one (since i got my birth control, im not even supposed to have a period at all)

as for ibs, it sucks, i havent been to the bathroom in 2 weeks im severely bloated, ive taken laxatives but nothing.
i feel the need to go but when i try to it hurts my stomach too much to push (extreme pain)
and then if i dont go then the feeling goes away and wont come back for days.

i would have an ultra sound done to check ur ovaries to be sure but u can try to test urself

lay flat on ur back, suck ur tummy in as much as u can and be comfortable, were ur ovaries are located push in and move ur hand around, if u feel anything on one side that isnt on the other it could very well be a cyst (sometimes u can even feel them moving around on ur fingers when u push in) it could be hard or squishy either way, if u feel something i would try to have a scan done (baby scan looks at ur ovaries - aka ultra sound) :)
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