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  Why does one eye see brighter than the other?

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Asked at 2011.04.02 02:27:44
When I wake up in the morning, my right eye sees brighter than my left eye. But then it gets to my normal vision. Today it happened for the second time, the first time was some time last week, but I can't recall what day. What could be wrong?
answer Josh  Answered at 2011.04.02 02:27:44
that is because you were laying on your right eye all night. It got less light so its more sensitive to light for a short time.
answer eyes  Answered at 2012.02.21 03:08:48
Usually I am out of my left eye and that for years. Now I realize that at night in a dark area like a room with only one lamp on, if I close my left eye - forcing me to look for the "lazy" right eye - everything is much darker. If I do this exercise during the day, the difference is not much light.Can anyone shed some light on this?
younghelen Answered at 2013.11.08 22:57:12
There is a hereditary reason in that. The eye color and the size of eye can be same as the other family members. If your mother or other in your family will be the reason of your beautiful eyes. ? also the healthy food which contain vitamin will help to increase the brightening.
answer 104.250.155.* Answered at 2017.10.17 20:40:14
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