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Sarah Jackson 
Asked at 2011.04.02 01:45:15
im posting this on Yahoo because im starting to get concerned for my sister and im desperate for some advice, I haven't told our parents about it because im scared it will worry or cause heart break within the family. Im seriously starting to this she has or developing mental problems/issues.

I know my sister loves our family but she's always been kind of withdrawn and not so close to them to express how she's feeling or what she's thinking. Im noticing she's not acting how many other people act and her ways are strange.

--She's never bothered or gets concerned about serious problems sometimes she even laughs, but she gets completely angry and lashes out over small unimportant things/situations.

I often see her just staring into space and by the look on her face you can see she's thinking but she completely zones out and if anybody interrupts her or asks her to do anything she completely flips out.

-- we near enough have the same group of friends and even though they don't know its her she will cause trouble and drama for them behind there back like completely backstabbing them and when it upsets them she acts like she's there for them and they never expect its her its like she gets some kick of pulling the wool over their eyes.

--Iv sometimes walked in and she will be crying and not just a few tears but crying so hard it wears her out and she ends up dropping off to sleep and when I ask her way she lashes out like she does when she's thinking. And when she thinks she's home alone il often hear her crying by herself.

--Once I was reading a magazine and there was a page full of models and I turned to her and said 'arnt they pretty' are she looked at them with disgust and said that ill and people who look like there on deaths door are the beautiful ones. She's very pale and will wear more light powder to the point were she looks ill herself..she's very good with makeup and will make her eyes dark and look sunk in and when she's done that she looks like she's dying but she thinks that state looks beautiful.

--She will hysterically laugh at cruel and mean things and it takes her a very long time to calm down.

--I found her diary and I know it was wrong of me to do so but i ended up reading through it and she talks about how she gets angry at the though of a normal life and how it angers her while life gets to predictable.

--she will cause unbelievable amounts of trouble and strike up arguments with people who are defenceless and are doing nothing to her and will say the most spiteful things just to see that person hurt and she always looks happiest when she does it. And she encourages people to pick fights with her and when she gets into physical fights she laughs and shouts for the other person to hit her harder and rubs there face in it.

-- I sometimes use her laptop and i looked at her msn history and I was shocked to see that to every person she has lied about her past, who she is and who's involved with her life making up all kind of stories and giving them phoney evidence to back up her outrages lies.

--She admitted to me once she sometimes thinks of suicide and breaking away from this 'normal life' and could see herself killing people and leading a life of crime because its 'exciting'.

--She has always had this sick fascination with people who are sick and mentally ill and a huge interest in physiologists and mental asylums.

-- Alot of the times when shes cruel to people and is forced to explain herself she will always reply with 'its just a joke, people cant take a joke anymore'

I dont know what else to write about her other than the fact I dont want my parents to worry because it will hurt me so bad to see them get put through hell just because of hell, so please I need serious answers and honest you think there's anything mentally wrong with her?
answer Sora  Answered at 2011.04.02 01:45:15
yes you need to talk to someone about this . if you want to help her you must tell your parents because if something happens you will regret you did not. you must have an honest conversation and preferably see a specialist. you are very brave to put this on yahoo and you really do care about your sister. Listen, I am not a psych but the girl needs medication. medication decreases both symptoms of compulsive lying and dpression. she has depression and is a compulsive liar. you must make a joint effort with your parents. they are older and they will understand. but by no means try to deal with this alone. it will not be as hard to tell ur parents now as when it is too late. Your sister needs help and she is not guilty for what is happening to her- possibly effects of over emotions caused by the cruel society in which she lives. I really wish you all the best. You are a great person and you made the first step. you have to keep on going and be honest about the problem. I am sure you will help her and help her get the medical attention this case needs. christina
p.s. try doing things she likes doing with her. this may be a reaction of too many emotions. do not be agressive with her. she needs care

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