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What to do if i have a nonstop bleeding cut ?

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Dana Atalah 
Asked at 2011.04.01 23:39:42
i am just learning some simple first aid :D
answer john doe  Answered at 2011.04.01 23:39:42
apply pressure using gauze, if it bleeds through the gauze, apply more. elevate the extremity and apply more gauze if it continues to bleed. If that doesn't stop it, you would apply a tourniquet, but don apply one if you have not been properly trained to do so, and that isn't something you should learn online.

EDIT: RICE is not treatment for cuts, avulsions or abrasions. it is for impact injuries, muscles soreness etc. below are the directions for RICE when it is indicated

Rest the area that is sore. ice the area,and apply pressure with an ace wrap. elevate the affected are, unless its already above the heart
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