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Why is my ear bleeding? (O_O);?

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Asked at 2011.04.01 23:38:11
I need help >.< yesterday I clean my ears then when I looked at the cotton buds I saw tiny blood in it,it happened to me last month.I really don't know why my ears bleeding every time I listen to my MP4 the volume is 19 or lower then my dad told me maybe because of a kind of bacteria blah blah blah well I clean my ears every once a week =.= especially I wash it properly.Now I am worried if my eyes,nose or any part of my face will bleed hhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeelppp >.< this is serious
answer Jack Mindenburg  Answered at 2011.04.01 23:38:11
you probly farted really hard and it caused pressure in your head, causing swelling in the eardrums, thus causing the bleeding.
just make sure to let your farts out a little slower next time, and remember, its not a competition, farts are no joke.
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