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What are some good penalties at the end of strip poker game?

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Thelma D 
Asked at 2011.03.31 21:55:45
Our group of 3 young married couples has gradually gotten into strip poker games. At first we stopped at underwear, then we played "all the way". We have lots of good clean fun --nothing sexual about it, just sexy. We have played enough games that everyone has been naked in front of the others at least one time, ( my best fiend & neighbor has lost ALL at least four times HA HA) We are kind of competitive and the novelty is wearing off. We've played several variations and just the fact someone (or 2 or 3) had to strip all the way no longer seems to be enough of a penalty for losing--it's still embarrassing to be the LOSER but slighty less so to have to be naked after you've done it a couple times. We need suggestions for punishment for the loser(s) after they lose all clothing. Nothing sexual or nasty but it needs to be challenging. One gal has refused to agree to spanks for the loser which was our first & only idea. Please let us in on some not too over the top forfeits.
answer Paula R  Answered at 2011.03.31 21:55:45
You sound like a fun group. Before the game starts, have everyone write one or two punishments and put them in a jar. In addition to being naked for the remainder of the game, the loser will have to draw a punishment from the jar and do what it says. That way, they won't get crazy because you might end up drawing your own punishment and you can also include spanking as one of them. She could just draw again if she chooses it.

Some ideas for punishments include:
1. Getting dressed again and performing a full striptease with music for the entire group. The dance must include two minutes fully naked! It is a little more embarrassing to have to dance naked for a group instead of just take your clothes off in front of them.
2. Perform the song, "I'm a little teapot" complete with arm movements.
3. Tell the group the last time you had sex with your partner and the last time you had an orgasm. See if the dates match or if someone has been having some solo time.
4. The loser has to be the waiter/waitress for the rest of the night serving drinks and snacks to everyone. They must remain naked while serving.
5. The loser has to have their picture taken with a bag over their head. You could write the date on the photo and keep a record of who lost each time.
6. Drink a shot of tequila and tabasco sauce mixed together.
7. Have people bring over their clothes that need to be ironed and the loser has to iron everyone else's clothes while being naked. You might allow just their underwear in case the iron is hot. People shouldn't bring too many because they might end up ironing their own clothes and then more.
8. For the next game, order pizza or other takeout food to be delivered. The loser has to answer the door naked or in their underwear so the driver can see. If they can get five dollars off, then they get extra clothes for the game that night. naked. It is really embarrassing for the guys!
9. The loser has to go one full day, to work, to school, to the grocery store, around the house, etc, without their underwear. This must be verified by their partner.

Have fun!
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