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For the girls, a new question of the day?

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Asked at 2011.03.31 01:10:17
So most of us (not all but most) know that our Mother-in-Laws arent that thrilled with us as the match for their sons and I know many of us swear that if we could go back to the begining knowing what we know now that we would tell ourselves to "RUN!". So my question today is, what SHOULD have tipped you off about how your relationship with your MIL would be? (But of course didnt)

Mine was when we were walking out of a movie one night as we walked to our car we saw someone sitting in the car. So we of course were panicking, should we call the police, start screaming, we didnt know what to do. Turns out it was his MOTHER sitting in the car. She didnt think the car had any gas in it (there was plenty) so she had her neighbor DRIVE her to the movie theater and sat in the car until we got out of the movie, then she drove me home.
To this day, I am not sure what her real motivation for doing it was, to prevent us from having sex, to see where I lived, I dont know, but man, it was weird.
answer bnrl_shell88  Answered at 2011.03.31 01:10:17
When She read my text messages (with out me knowing) and found a message to a guy that said "I Love you see you tomorrow!" Told my boyfriend I was cheating on him at easter dinner- and then began to call me a trap,ect...ect...ect, when he asked what the name of the guy was, She told him Jake, He laughed and told her that was my older brother who is away @ college!

What A freak! To this day she doesn't belive me and probably wont until she see's DNA saying We're related!
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