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Hang tough or throw in the towel?

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Asked at 2011.03.31 01:10:14
I'm in my late 20s and my bf of 1 year just pass 30. When during the wooing stage, he told me he's going thru divorce proceed with his ex-wife. And he has to pay to several banks monthly for the loan for their house. Which means to say he's left with less than half of his pay after every montly payment. I've kept his financial problems from my family. And i've been paying for our expenses, i don't get presents for b'day, christmas,valentine's. We recently just bought a weekend car which we agreed on spilting it. Now that bank is going to deduct thru giro ( my bank ) and he's always no money, i won't have to heart to ask him for it. He says marriage in 1-2 years time, i'm happy no doubt. But would i end up be paying for everything for my wedding. All these are wearing me out and i hardly have much to spend on myself...
answer Sim1  Answered at 2011.03.31 01:10:14
Wow...I'm talkin with myself here! I say I'd rather be broke and happy than rich and miserable! My fiance' is recently out of a divorce which I went through with him. Yes we were and still are strugglin, but I love him more than words can say and can't imagine life w/o him. Sometimes in relationships you will hit "hard times"...what makes this any different? If you were already married would you walk out on him because of his financial state? If yes then maybe you don't really love him. If no then why walk out now. He's made a commitment to you, your family loves him and so do you. Hang in there I promise things will not be easy but they will get better. Military guys need love, patience, and understanding just like everyone else. Stay with him while he's down and he'll appreciate you when he gets back up. Last thing...reverse the situation...would you want him to leave you? It's all about being strong when/ where he's weak! That's what strengthens your relationship.
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