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Have you ever been to a tacky wedding? If you have...what made it tacky?

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Asked at 2011.03.31 01:09:54
I know everyone has different tastes in what they like...but have you ever been to a wedding where something made you say, "What were they thinking?!"

I went to a wedding last night and instead of buying a cake, the bride and groom bought hundreds of little tiny banana cream pies from Kroger. I just found the fact that they left the little pies in their containers with the labels still on to be a little tacky.
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I went to a wedding of my male childhood friend where the bride was in a "dress" that made me cringe . It was two pieces. The top part tied around her neck like a halter top and was so low cut that her breasts were in danger of flopping out. Then her mid drift was exposed the the bottom part was a very short skirt that when she bent over you could almost see everything. She then wore a veil that went down to the back of her knees. It was a dingy white and old looking.

The groom was in a maroon crushed velvet suit.

She walked down the aisle to "rock you like a hurricane", which I actually found pretty funny.

At the reception there were two big kegs sitting on opposite ends of them room, both with an ample supply of those red plastic disposeable cups. Her family got really drunk and VERY rowdy. A fist fight actually broke out!

For dinner they went to burger king and picked up a whole bunch of hamburger and fries.

Their cake was a novelty cake. It was flat sheet cake with a bikini girl on it and said, "congrats on getting hitched"

As messed up as their wedding was, they are actually one of the happiest couples I know and their marriage is still going very strong 10 years later!
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