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  What will happen in the future if we don't recycle?

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Asked at 2011.03.30 19:48:23
What will happen in the future if we don't recycle?
answer juciecalper  Answered at 2011.03.30 19:48:23
The more we polute the earth, the ozone layer's hole gets bigger. the ozone layer protects us from the sun. and if the hole in it gets bigger, all life will die of the sun. so if you recycle and keep our earth clean we will be protected from the sun.
answer 67.184.115.* Answered at 2011.05.09 16:01:52
What Will Happen If We Don’t Recycle?
It’s predicted that 50% of the United States will run out of space for landfills in ten years.
A report written back in the 1980′s, “What Will Happen If We Don’t Recycle,” looks into the past and takes a shot at predicting the future with regard to landfills, the greenhouse effect, ozone, hazardous waste, groundwater, plastic, and pollutants.
Here’s what the report had to say about landfills:
“The landfills are filling up fast. Most of them are getting full and closing down. A third have closed since 1980. More than half the cities on the East Coast will run out of room in their landfills by 1990. In New York, 14 sites have closed in the past 10 years. All of Seattle’s sites will soon be full. We’re running out of space to put all the trash. Some of the hazardous waste in landfills gets into the groundwater and pollutes it. When common garbage is burned, it can release dangerous gases into the air. Each year Americans throw away 1.6 billion pens, 2 billion razors and blades and 220 million tires. They discard enough aluminum to rebuild the entire U.S. commercial airline fleet.”
Environmental Packaging Technologies (EPT) is doing our part to keep the landfills from filling up by manufacturing environmentally friendly transport packaging products.
EPT provides reclamation services on all of our used BIG Red products. Reclaimed products will be picked up by one of the company’s fleet of trucks for proper recycling.
EPT actively promotes environmental awareness and has designed products that allow customers to eliminate landfill dependency by reducing and recycling residual waste. Our valves and flanges are removed from used products, cleaned, tested/certified and reused where possible.
All PE inner bags, HDPE liners and Barrier Wear Sleeves are recycled, whenever possible, into clean, regrind materials for the plastics industry.
Any material not suitable for recycling due to hazardous material contamination is disposed of by qualified incineration.
All our products are manufactured in ISO 9001:2008 facilities in the USA that adhere to documented recycle policies
victoria Answered at 2013.11.11 22:29:01
In the future there will be resource problems. The people will not get the product whether it is energy or something another. The people have to recycle the products for controlling the pollution and for the protection of the natural resources.
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