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What are your thoughts for this 'Dreams And Realities On This Day' poem?

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Asked at 2011.03.29 02:36:40
All things come around, go around.
Another year, and Independence...
And we celebrate this, take note...
Only once a year...what's this?

The British got burned, and we had
to learn, to become the nation we
should...with our own mythologies,
celebrated without knowledge

of what lay beneath...contained
from sea to shining much
for the Monroe Doctrine, a good idea
for its time...not 2009...would that

we could adhere to its principles now!

Dreams I'd like to see this day:
A parade in every city, town, burg,
chicken yard, and pasture...led by
the piper and the drummer of old.

North Korea's missiles go awry
and hit Afghanistan...after our troops
leave for good. Palestine, Iraq, all
Muslim dominated countries, know

the true life of Mu hammed, and know
his vengeance for lies, in his name.
That our Independence Day not be
once a year, but every waking second.

That Freemasons not be as prominent
as they are...the Illuminati disbanded,
and the Bilderburgs treated as children.
That 'the new world order' stand for all.

That the Statue of Liberty's torch
not be in question of it's meaning...
rather, the flame of our fortitude, and
blood, to have the right to live free.

That every newborn baby bear the
name of a US soldier killed in war...
and know the honor of that name,
in its years of growth, in freedom.

That the kernels of mythologies
always have the basis of truths
answer Sue  Answered at 2011.03.29 02:36:40
Wow! I'd hate to see you REALLY mad!
I love that you did not hold back....
I especially liked the idea of naming the babies...
wouldn't that be something?

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