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  Translations of la machine rajeunir?

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Ameila L 
Asked at 2011.03.29 00:40:34
French book in gr.10
please if anyone knows what happens in the book explain... its impossible to understand
answer CandyCanes  Answered at 2011.03.29 00:40:34
I didn't know you're actually going to post this on, I was waiting for an e-mail.

Main Characters:
Marc-Andre: The narrator
Hugo: Marc-Andre's dad
Sophie: Marc-Andre's mom
Josee: Marc-Andre's friend
Luce: about a 15 year old girl who claims to be a scientific genius.
Henri-Francois d'Estragon: Luce's dad

Short Summary:
The whole story is told from Marc-Andre's prespective about how his parents Sophie and Hugo is becoming younger and younger. The fear he has the most out of this is the fact that his parents might vanish if they continue to become younger. Luckily for them they figured out the reason why, the youth/time machine (whatever it's called) at Perce. So their goal is to get to Perce just in time before his parents disappears which Josee comes along to help. Along their journey they're are lots of obstacles and people that are putting this secret they have in danger. They also meet new friends willing to help along the way, Luce and her dad.

Summary of Each Chapter:
Chapter 1:
Hugo and Sophie turn 40 and they're really unhappy about it. Then they go to a trip to their hometown and they come back all energized. Then the next day Marc-Andre's dad wakes him up and Marc-Andre's commenting on how different his dad looks compared to yesterday for example: he has a head full of hair and his facial hair is black. Then he see his mom serving him breakfast then he comments on his mom's wrinkles and how she doesn't have any. Then Josee comments how Marc-Andre's Parents look younger. Then Hugo starts complaining because he thinks this change is too abnormal and monstrous. Then Sophie says: Oh my gosh, the youth/time machine! Then they decide that they want to go to Perce and undo this change.

Chapter 2:
They're driving to Perce but they still have 700kms left. Hugo starts to have doubts about Sophie's theory about the time machine. Then Sophie argues back how they had fallen into Leo Lepitre (the manager of the museum which contains the machine). Then they talk some more. When they realize they've been followed, they noticed a girl coming out of the helicopter that was following them. That girl is Luce and then they talk. Then her dad (Henri-Francois d'Estragon) gets into the pointless conversation. That's basically it for that chapter because it's just long and meanless conversation with the pumper later, where they talk about the resemblances between Hugo and Marc-Andre. Then the chapter ends off with Marc-Andre saying how he would look like how his dad look now when he's older with greasy hair, acnes and long lean arms.

Chapter 3:
Sophie's driving the car over the speeding limit and the police starts to follow them. So Sophie stops the car and the police demands for her dirver's licence. But the problem is she doesn't look like she's 40 in real life like she does in her driver's licence pic. Then the police starts asking them questions and finally tells them to come out of the car with their hands held high up. When the police says that Sophie uses the car door with a lot of force and slam it as the police making him fall on his back. Then Sophie drives away at really high speed with the police car following them. After they lose the police car, some people dressed in black clothing starts to grab Sophie and Hugo but then a white caravan appears and the ppl in black clothing let Sophie and Hugo go. In the white caravan, there was Luce and her dad. They let Marc-Andre, his parents and Luce come along with them.

Chapter 4:
This chapter is really pointless and I don't want to write too much like I did for al the other chapters. Basically, Marc-Andre believes the ppl dressed in black suits tried to take his parents was b/c they were using them like guinea pigs for experiments. After him talking for a long time Luce starts to talk with Marc-Andre and she starts getting really suspicious about Marc-Andre's parents because she noticed that they're shrinking in age and size. She thinks they're "biological errors" and kick them out of the caravan. Then they're trying to get tickets to go to Perce but when they tried to use credit cards, the person behind the counter refused to accept credit cards from kids (Hugo and Sophie). Luckily, Hugo fakes a story and the person behind the story believes it (about how they're poor and their parents are sick in the hospital healing, blah, blah, blah) and sell them the tickets to Perce.

Chapter 5:
Sophie and Hugo are even younger now then the previous chapter since they are indeed shrinking. They're crying and complaining like little kids which they are now. (right now they're 5) Marc-Andre's fear is that Hugo and Sophie is going to keep getting younger and younger till they disappear. Then Hugo and Sophie continue to whine for about 2 pages. They're talking in a forest and they see a little chalet where they can stay for the night. Then the 5 year old parents are now shrinking to officially babies. Suddenly, Josee starts to scream and the same two ppl in the black suits are there in the chalet. Then the so called superheroes come and same them from the ppl in black suits. The superheroes have an airplain which is what Marc-Andre and his parents and Josee are riding right now. They're heading towards Perce.

Chapter 6:
They get to Perce and find Luce. And they have a long discussion about the youth/time machine (whatever it's called) then they talk about how the machine wasn't perfectly built. They start walking to a projection room and Luce explains how the machine is going to self destruct soon. Fortuantly, they placed Hugo and Sophie in the machine in time and they get changed back in normal. Luce says good-bye t
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