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Does anybody know how to delete time warner cable on demand in progress shows?  

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Asked at 2011.03.28 20:45:48
Just wondering how erase demand cable in progress.
answer Tommy  Answered at 2011.03.28 20:45:48
exit out of the movie, the box will take u to ur saved programs in ur ondemand. select that movie and it will give u options at the bottom like play from beginning, resume playing, and a big X for delete.
answer delete  Answered at 2011.06.13 01:13:50
To delete time warner cable on demand in progress shows Steps:
1.Tune cable box to the program you want to delete the channel buttons on the remote control.
2.Press "Stop", which is characterized by a square.
3.Use the up and down arrows to select "Stop and erase" if a drop-down menu appears. Press the Select button to stop and delete the recording.
4.Press the yellow button "A" if three options appear in the bottom of the screen. This will stop and delete the current recording.
5.Press the Info button on the remote control. When the information banner appears at the bottom of the screen, check the "Register Now" icon is not present. Also, see if the red recording light is turned off in the cable box.
answer 24.193.59.* Answered at 2012.03.14 07:07:37
this is for a recording.. i am talking about shows on like hbo or showtime on demand. when i pick one of the movies and exit out, it shows up underneath "in progress".. how do i delete the show from that?
answer 76.181.237.* Answered at 2012.03.20 10:39:12
don't watch porn in the first place ;)
answer 24.210.230.* Answered at 2013.01.24 11:39:44
The only way is to just play other movies for a few seconds, then change the channel, come back and do it again until the movie is knocked off the list! YOUR WELCOME :) p.s. internet porn is better anyways... lol
answer 72.181.94.* Answered at 2013.05.03 09:58:05
thomascmartinez Answered at 2014.02.24 00:58:43
exit out of the movie, the box will take u to your saved programs in your on demand. select that movie and it will give u options at the bottom like play from beginning, resume playing, and a big X for delete.
answer 69.132.99.* Answered at 2014.09.02 13:41:40
where is the big x
answer 39.42.149.* Answered at 2016.06.30 01:38:28
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