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Fixing an LCD TV?

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lee b 
Asked at 2011.03.28 02:24:19
my lcd tv would not come on at all yesterday morning
and after checking all the fuses and pushing all the wiring ports it came on perfect.
following morning turned it on and it did not work again so i did the same but it still would not come on.
after a little investigating and cosemplating sticking it in the bin i used a hair dryer to warm up the components by blowing it down the air vents at the back for 10 seconds and keeping the power button held in the on position it works perfect.
you can power on and off with standby and picture and sound is great.
the problem is that every morning i have to repeat the hairdryer trick and would like to know if anyone knows what could be wrong with it and will it cost a lot to fix it?
also how much would it be worth in its present condition?
the tv is a walfhedale 32inch lcd with biult in digital tv.
thanks for any feed back.
answer They Call me Bob  Answered at 2011.03.28 02:24:19
That sound like a cold Solder.

A cold solder is a point were two contacts come to gather and as the were being soldered the contact was moved causing the solder to harden with a crack being formed between the two contacts. This can sometimes cause the unit to work one moment and not the next.

As you heat up the unit the solder expands ever so slightly causing the contacts to connect.

Then you turn it on and it works. But once it cools down.... No contact and the unit well not turn on.

If this is the cause... and you can have someone look at it and find the problem quickly. You might have it fixed for less than a $100.00.

This is only a educated guess?

I hope it helps.
Good luck.
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