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Blu-ray v HD-DVD?

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Asked at 2011.03.28 02:24:12
O.K, what exactly is the difference between HD-DVD and Blu-Ray? I know that they are at each others throats, but which is better? Which is winning? I do not understand why they are so similar but at war w/one another.

any review links, btw?
answer HDTVJunkie  Answered at 2011.03.28 02:24:12
In light of recent news, Bluray will almost certainly win, but it's a good idea to get a dual player if you want to buy one now. Look at LG's BH-100 or BH-200.

HD-DVD will most likely die, but not yet. Universal and Paramount still have exclusive contracts to print only HD-DVD. That's a lot of movies you'll miss if you get a Bluray only player. No one is talking about the cost of opting out of their respective contracts publicly, but you can bet there's quite a bit of talk going on in private.

Regarding mastermind's comment about the HD-DVD folks "not knowing yet." Toshiba is a major shareholder in Time Warner and one of their execs. sits on the TW board. I promise you, they knew, regardless of what the press says.

Also, there is still concern that Sony/Samsung et al can produce product fast enough in large enough quantities. Anyone wanting to print Bluray disks will have to totally revamp their factory. That's a problem that will ultimately be solved by throwing money at it, but it's a concern at the moment and will take time.

When near-blue lasers became commercially viable (would last at least 10,000 hours) Sony and Toshiba began developing systems for bringing 1080x1920 players to market. Sony felt that providing maximum recording space was most important. Toshiba thought that it was more important to be compatible with existing disk manufacturing equipment. Since they could not agree fundamentally, there was no chance of working together. Incidentally, Toshiba was in the Beta camp with Sony in the VHS/Beta days so they have a history of working together.

I believe Time Warner (Warner Bros. Studios) made a hard, but good decision. The risk is consumers won't adopt either format if they can't figure out what to buy. And if anything can be said about the two formats of high definition DVD, it's that the confusion level IS high.
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