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Wendy T 
Asked at 2011.03.28 00:53:46
icmms1 sun5 light surf net was on my cell phone bill
answer Wally  Answered at 2011.03.28 00:53:46 is the smpt / pop3 for the blackberry phones.

for example if you sent a picture or multimedia message to a person with a blackberry their adrress would be
answer 75.203.44.* Answered at 2011.09.19 12:02:27
what is icmms1 sun5 light surf net and why is it on my husbands phone?
answer 72.240.145.* Answered at 2011.09.29 01:51:06
Because your husband got a picture from someone thats why icmms1 sun5 light surf net on your husbands phone
answer blackberry  Answered at 2011.10.20 20:00:00
"" is the mail services for the Blackberry phones.
answer 96.42.73.* Answered at 2011.11.01 11:03:29
i dont know what is icmms1 sun5 light surf net,too.
answer 221.194.176.* Answered at 2011.12.14 06:50:50
[] is a services of bb. don't worry about it..
answer 208.54.39.* Answered at 2012.01.09 01:04:14
answer 76.120.183.* Answered at 2012.02.04 20:16:25
answer 71.133.216.* Answered at 2012.02.07 13:23:46
thats what i am trying to figure out. the persons phone number in front of the ic is who sent the photo but i wanna figure out how to retrieve it on the internet. anybody know???
answer 174.253.20.* Answered at 2012.02.21 20:41:24
Don't know yet
answer 174.253.20.* Answered at 2012.02.21 20:47:13
Don't know yet
answer 68.183.58.* Answered at 2012.03.14 08:20:45
I viewed the text message on my childs phone and it was porn. It appears on my phone bill origination from multiple cell numbers. That is all I know. I have disconnected the cell phone which should eliminate that problem.
gentletumblewee Answered at 2012.03.15 14:31:44
I am trying to find this same thing out !!!! My husband has them on his phone !!!
answer 98.207.207.* Answered at 2012.03.26 14:03:33
I have that also shwing on my daughters phone..were you able to trace the site?..pls help!!
answer 108.206.28.* Answered at 2012.04.14 02:39:52
did you match the number@so-and-so and saw that it was indeed porn?
answer 69.242.114.* Answered at 2012.04.15 09:01:58
Please tell me how to open pics
answer 184.1.1.* Answered at 2012.05.18 07:35:41
fuck you
answer 99.181.13.* Answered at 2012.06.04 11:51:38
Porn of some trashy whore he may be screwing
answer 99.181.13.* Answered at 2012.06.04 11:52:12
You suck
answer 174.99.62.* Answered at 2012.06.29 09:23:58
Just call the number and you will know. It is not always porn. Mine was from a group picture text and the other people in the text group commented on the pic and it showed up on my bill as well with their number and that address listed above.
answer 174.234.70.* Answered at 2012.06.29 19:18:21
What is this
Marty Answered at 2012.06.29 19:21:02
What is this
answer 98.189.107.* Answered at 2012.10.31 10:07:12
Go to your Verizon account to internet spam option and block all text from internet and/or email addresses.
answer 70.138.117.* Answered at 2012.11.09 13:58:51
Can these messages come from an iphone too? Because my boyfriend has an iPhone as do I and on my bill it shows a couple of his pic messages came thru with that icmms...extension also. So is this only for BB phones or for others as well??
gina Answered at 2012.11.16 16:01:18
what is
answer 50.33.161.* Answered at 2013.01.27 05:32:58
what is
answer 74.60.189.* Answered at 2013.02.10 01:29:46
answer 72.66.72.* Answered at 2013.02.26 16:33:46
did you ever get an answer on how to retrieve the pic?
answer 72.66.72.* Answered at 2013.02.26 16:35:11
did you ever get an answer on how to retrieve the pic?
answer 75.178.94.* Answered at 2013.05.06 08:25:48
how do I retrieve pics from
answer 184.183.18.* Answered at 2013.06.26 13:29:11
Your husband is likely carrying on an affair with this person as mine is. The person is an can take it from here!
answer 70.190.247.* Answered at 2013.07.05 03:47:58
answer 24.227.106.* Answered at 2015.04.28 06:25:17
This really isn't a big deal. Mine was was picture from a friend and their children @ Disney World. If you suspect your boyfriend, husband, wife is cheating then leave. simple.
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