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Disability living allowance should i make a claim!?

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stuart t 
Asked at 2009.12.18 23:47:32
I have been ill since i was 12 years old with anxiety and depression i currently recieve incapacity benefit, my condition has got no better over the past 20 years and i have never been able to hold a job down.
i cant use public transsport through fear and anxiety my ? is should a try and claim disability living allowance seriose answers only please as i do have a very real illness!
answer kendra27UK  Answered at 2009.12.18 23:47:32
Actually Starlight, there are times when all the meds don't work, the mental health system lets you down and you have no where left to turn but to survive.

3 years of utter hell after my partner had a nervous breakdown after 3 family deaths and he also has always been depressed but his parents never did anything about it! Parents don't always do what they are supposed to or can't access the help needed.

HE is paying the price of that and the mental health system have passed him around like a dirty package no one wants, as the meds didn't help and no one knows what to do and they offer therapy with pheodophiles and rapists which didn't help, So yeah there are people who are caught up in the system with no where to turn. Now we are having to pay £25 per week for PRIVATE help. and it means we somtimes live on baked beans and toast to make ends meet, but if that's what it takes to get him better then thats what it takes.
So please don't tar everyone with the same brush and assume we are all scroungers etc.

Anyway To the ASKER
YES YOU CAN claim DLA AND INCAP as my partner does and has done so for 3 years, although we did have to jump through hoops, swing on swings and walk tightropes and we regularly get checked upon, but HE still claims incap for Depression, anxiety and Borderline Personality disorder with violent outbursts, and the DLA care componants for help with personal care etc.

it's a real shame because many of those on these benefits aren't scroungders, are intelligent and are losing skills as time goes by (He was an IT engineer)

DLA does take a lot of form filling etc but every little helps, And in the future if you get a little better you can try some work as well.
You may lose Incapacity but you can still claim DLA.

(My half brother is deaf, works but still claims DLA)
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