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UK £50 billion quid for the banks and poor people to pay more tax?

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Asked at 2009.12.18 23:46:59
Considering that in previous (recent) years banks have shown INCREDIBLE record HUGE profits, what are we supposed to make of it all? Do we expect the govt to bail us out when we default on mortgage / credit payments?

How do the UK people (in particular - those that were on the 10 pence tax rate) feel about this? You views if you please.
answer Ivan R  Answered at 2009.12.18 23:46:59

(ANS) I think this whole entire things stinks to high heaven, frankly its appalling!!

No.1 Northern Rock should have been allowed to go under i.e. a bank going bankrupt.

No.2 Now the Tax payers of the entire UK are having to pay for Northern Rock and now ALL the other major UK banks due to the utter GREED of bankers for higher & higher profits.

PLEASE!! THIS IS JUST ADDING PETROL ONTO THE FIRE!! this wont solve the problem of the credit crunch.

No.3 Non of the Big four UK banks have really come clean on how many US bad mortgage deals they got involved in nor how big the losses are?

No.4 Both Gordon Brown & the new Chancellor are utterly out of their depth on this situation i.e. the credit crunch. Frankly, I think the government must be utterly P****ing themselves over this.

After all why? should the bank of england & UK tax payers increase the over draft limit to the banks (a nice extra £50 Billion) when they have exceeded there own limits in chase to make bigger profits. Oh! my heart bleeds for them NOT!!

No.5 No! the only reason that the Government & bank of England ha stumped up an extra £50 billion is because the UK economy would be 100% totally F**ed if they didn't. Thats the ONLY reason believe me. If the worst happens then the £ pound would worthless and money would be even more of a sick joke than it already is.

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