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PLZ Read this RE: Stimulus rebate and H&R block or another tax prep place?

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Asked at 2009.12.18 23:46:37
I know a lot of us are waiting on our tax rebate checks, some are wondering WHY AM I NOT GETTIN MINE???

Well!! If you used a place such as H&R block, or etc, and you selected the Refund Anticipation Check, or Refund Anticipation Loan, then you WILL BE gettin a PAPER CHECK IN THE MAIL..

NOT DIRECT DEPOSIT...even IF your federal was direct deposited....

also, if you had your fees for that tax place taken from your rebate (i.e you didnt pay when you had them done) then you will be gettin a paper check..

I think alot of us thought that just because we got our federal direct deposited means we are getting this rebate direct deposited, that just isnt the case..

So, how many of you are doing your OWN taxes next year??? LOL...I AM!!!

Im not paying H&R block 300.00 to screw up any other rebate I might be getting...
answer momtojunebaby  Answered at 2009.12.18 23:46:37
Let me explain this to you if you got the RAL/RAC this IS NOT the same thing as a DD for you. Therefore the information that you have submitted or were told is incoherent.

RAL/RAC- means that you got a paper check and the money was deposited into a third party account for the tax company not your account. Plus, they are giving you a loan against the money that you are SUPPOSED to get. Hence the word “anticipation.”

The IRS doesn’t need to offer an explanation for anything. This is the risk that you take when you the consumer except to pay 300 for monies that you are owed instead of waiting and receiving it outright.

I am hoping that MANY ppl who opted for this scandalous service will rethink this next year. It only takes 5 minutes to open and account at the bank; ~20 minutes to complete your taxes online and e-filed; and a 7-10 wait to have them DD.

BTW-If you had your fees automatically taken from your check, you will receive a paper check. It's still a third party deal.
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