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  What's with Magnasol Marketing Company?

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John Aquino 
Asked at 2011.03.21 23:21:51
answer Raymond101  Answered at 2011.03.21 23:21:51
Magnasol Marketing Company former Bennessere Int'l, LTD

I agree to you and now they change their name from Bennessere International Inc. to MAGNASOL MARKETING COMPANY located at Tycoon Tower, 22nd floor Suite 2207-2208, Pearl Drive Ortigas Pasig City. Oh my gosh they always said to the applicants "Pls. Be advise that we dont have a sister company. Pls. Dont believe if someone approaches you and redirect you to other building or company, other company or persons using our name to get you,". I knew these because were on the same building and when I saw the people working behind their company, they same as the people in Bennessere International Inc. where my friend experienced their ways.
I'm doing this because I'm just a concern citizen and I want other applicants must be aware.

posted by: [email protected] gma forum
The applicant, please be careful to apply the nakapost beam or stray on the streets.

Please request the Investigator.

Please Pakitulungan the people especially the applicant because we are victims po scam itself seems a strategic company, PSE Tektite specifically with the 10th floor, unit 1001. Bennessere International Inc..

The strategy:

1. Invited to an interview and you eeksamin.
2. Tell you to attend orientation about the company.
3. Explain about the duties and responsibilities of that job.
4. Publicans P300.00. IN charge said Code. (Companies must have a response to the Code and not the applicant. [Became the idiot i dun ah!]) Said the Code will be used for Identification Card to legally (?) That use the company name in any transaction.
NOTE: You asked to sign a waiver so you can recover (mairefund their terminology) you paid.
5. You'll finally get to challenge said the company.
The challenge was to sell their products as the Dental Health Program in any way. The cost is P1, 500. (Also nonrefundable, and non transferrable, [there are others who know that BUT renewable]). Xempre applicants and just take or pay for admission to.
6. Magtratraining you said. (The training is pagtunganga sitting in their office)
7. There are other additional or hidden charges in my opinion. that is still selling any of their products also worth P1, 500.00. (When only one requirement initially, but then suddenly say you should carry two completing the 1st payment.)
8. The base salary is how many narecruit you. I mean if you recruit, you do not even pay. (Said in orientation, Office-based xa [RIGHT, office based then], but the applicant maginterview said. Narecruit Additional someone commissions.)
9. And much more. surprised you've just begun to pay you.

All read. Please Pakikalat least to reduce the number of people they (Bennessere Int'l, LTD.) Mabibiktima other.
answer 110.55.12.* Answered at 2011.04.15 01:29:02
Buti nalang nde ko na tinuloy ung sabi nila kukuhain nila ung requirements ko tapos hinihingi na yung bayad.. sabi ko kakaen muna ako tapos un di na ako bumalik! :)))
answer 112.198.78.* Answered at 2011.06.14 07:43:24
omg! i just got a txt from them cause' i gave my resume to them when i went to trinoma job fair kanina. buti nalang i searchd the company cause' their name was diffrent from what i read knina and they say they are SMS services that they are new direct company.. i don't know the veracity of this but i won't going there anyway.
answer 112.198.83.* Answered at 2012.02.10 04:13:59
cai123 Answered at 2018.10.23 00:29:14
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