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What do to for oily hair that HAS to be conditioned?

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Mrs.G to Be 
Asked at 2011.03.21 01:55:58
I have naturally oily hair. I had it under control with simple techniques, but now I have to wear a hat for work... which only added to the problem! I am recovering from a perm and my stylist told me I have to condition. I use a cleansing shampoo, but I'm still scared of conditioner! How can I repair my hair without adding to the oil problem? Any recommended conditioners that won't break the bank? (College student on a budget here!)

PS- I would have asked the stylist, but I know they'd try to sell me their pricey products! I want real life advice.
answer ugadano  Answered at 2011.03.21 01:55:58
Since you are wearing a cap and are already producing so much oil from your scalp, you will definitely need to wash daily, but try massaging your entire scalp well before you wash it and then brush well while still dry to remove tangles and to distribute the extra accumulated oils beneath the skin so as to be washed away when you do shampoo. Try applying the shampoo only to your scalp area, like starting at hairline all around and then center part or whatever. Don't actually apply more shampoo to your length unless you have strong odors from work like onion from a restaurant. Just rinsing out the first shampoo will wet the ends with the suds. Repeat for 2nd shampoo application, just to hairline/part and work thru scalp to meet, not ends. Don't leave the shampoo on any longer than just getting it worked thru scalp, but rinse immediately with lukewarm water, never hot. Add your conditioner only to the ends of your hair that are treated, not your scalp area. Also, try diluting your conditioner half with water, since most is just to keep tangles/flyaway under control and will work as well diluted and less expensively. Once a week maybe, use an oil treatment to the treated ends only, not scalp. Or massage in a whipped raw-egg/olive oil mixture in proportions like mayonnaise but without the salt and garlic! Wrap that in an old towel and pile on your head for 15 minutes before washing as normal. Again, only apply oil to treated ends unless your hair is very short. Remember to comb out tangles well before washing, then comb gently with fingers while your conditioner is still on, and then allow to dry without wet-combing to keep from stretching/breaking hair while wet. Always final rinse with COLD water to help close your pores and prevent the oil flood from starting again so quickly. Wash your brush/comb by soaking 10 min with dish soap in a glass of hot water at least weekly to remove excess oil from them, and change pillowcases every 4 days. 2days to a side then flip, or more often if you need it. God bless.
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