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  What is the best weave to get to make your hair look REAL?

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danjai w 
Asked at 2011.03.21 01:45:30
i was wondering what kind of weave would look best. (i do have kinda long hair) but i want to try something new and i want it to look like my real hair....and if you know what kind of weave is best how much does it cost? Thanks.
answer Nine  Answered at 2011.03.21 01:45:30
Be aware that just becuase it says 100% human hair doesn't mean it is. Most mix synthetic hair. You can tell by burning the tips or getting it wet. It shouldn't smell pasticky when burned and it should get wavy when wet. I can give you my advice on sew in weaves becuase that's the only kind I know. I don't trust glue in weaves, I've heard they tear your hair out.

1. The type of hair is MOST important. When I would get weaves, whether or not it would still look good by 2 months (not stiff, etc) depended on the brand I got. I wish I could give you specific brands but I've forgotten. :) Just trial and error I guess. Usually the more expensive the better. If you want it to look real you gotta shell out the $$. One curly weave I got could have been reused after 3 months and others pooped out after a few weeks and looked like I had a dead cat on my head. Get your hair from a reputable hair shop and don't go cheap.

2. The texture of the weave is important too. Whether you get straight, wavy, curly or kinky weave will change how you treat it. Generally for curlier textures I find you need to put some mousse in regularly. Products in general are good for weaves to weigh them down and hold the style. I mostly got straight weaves becuase curlier ones tangled easier and they frizzed quicker and after that there was no way to renew them. But remember: brand of hair is more important than texture. The best one I ever had was a curly weave. It was gorgeous even after 3 long months of travel, swimming in the Bahamas and amusement parks. I was visiting a friend so I didn't even take care of it. Amazing!

3. If it's good (human) hair you should be able to apply heat to it, so when it starts getting skanky looking straighten it/roll it/use curling iron depending on the look you are going for.

4. Shampooing it. I would make the mistake of not taking care of my hair underneath. Not good. Stinky and moldy. If you swim, go in the rain, or shower MAKE SURE your hair is dry as well. May need a blow dryer to get to the roots becuase cornrows can take days to dry on their own and you don't want to sleep on wet hair. Also moisturize your scalp. An easier way is dry shampoo or go back the salon for a wash. Once weave locks there's no way that tangle is coming out so for that reason too don't go to bed on a wet weave.

5. Once the weave starts moving around on your head the jig is up. lol To avoid an early removal make sure your hair stylist is sewing in as tight as possible. It might hurt for a little bit but the style will hold longer. Just make the cornrows aren't too tight. That's bad.

6. Once it's down to the wire and you want to get one more day out of a weave you can do something. I found this out after about 10 weaves. lol You can make a long 14" weave into a cute bob, it's a great way to renew it. Also brushing is key and detangling every day. And sleep in a satin cap to make weave last longer.

7. I've never gotten a kinky weave becuase I just assumed the tangles would have been horrendous. But you should try it. The texture is probably much more forgiving than straighter weaves that begin to show their age quite quickly but just be prepared for constant detangling. Plus if the hair is good quality you can always straighten it for a different look.

8. The way your weave is put in is important as well. I don't know if you are doing sew ins but whatever the method I recommend a style that can show a part. Weaves with no parts look really bad and fake. Just be aware of your hair covering the tracks. Nothing gives a weave away quicker than tracks showing. You probably should get a curly/kinky weave anyway becuase straight weaves are only for people who's natural hair is straight AND short. Straight weave shows bumps more than a curlier weave and is less forgiving in general so it looks fake very easily.

9. Also try cornrows in the front and a curly weave in the back. Easier style to maintain, lasts longer, no tracks showing, gives scalp some exposure, and you use less hair.
Like this: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

10. And finally I know what it's like to have a weave look and feel like a bird's nest. Toward the end hats, scarves, hair pins, bands, etc are your FRIEND! If it looks so bad that you just want it gone, Do it. Don't keep a fugly weave in. One of the best things I ever did was remove a weave myself becuase I think it was starting to meow. lol Better no weave than one that bad.


PS. Off topic, be careful of getting sew in weaves constantly. After getting a weave one after the other for 2 years I noticed my hairline was thinning. Cornrows are hell on hair after a while. Just give hair some time to breathe between weaves. This helps becuase a healthy base is best for weave. I still thin sew in weaves are safer and look better than glue ins, you just have to take a break from them.
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