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  I received California EDD form "NOTICE OF DETERMINATION OF INVALID CLAIM, SECTION 1277". What do I do?  

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John M 
Asked at 2009.12.18 23:35:33
This is a prior question on this which was deleted. My form has a box checked before, "THIS DETERMINATION DOES NOT AFFECT YOUR CLAIM FOR EXTENDED BENEFITS". Watch for my answer
answer John Mc  Answered at 2009.12.18 23:35:33
I called EDD today and an agent confirmed I do not need to respond to this notice, if the box is checked as described in the question above. The agent explained your initial claim for benefits is called the "parent claim" and the State of California pays these benefits. Follow-on extensions are paid for by the Federal Government. This notice is sent out to confirm you have not work over the period described on the form. If you have worked, then a new "parent claim" is started and the State of California would pay that claim vs. the Feds. The agent did agree the title of this notice (Form DE 429L) does scare people.
answer 98.234.68.* Answered at 2011.08.13 09:33:39
I just received this same letter and it really scared me but it is confusing at the same time as they have checked the box stating " THIS DETERMINATION DOES NOT EFFECT YOUR CLAIM FOR EXTENDED BENEFITS"

I will give them a call as well, but your response was a small relief until I am able to confirm.
Thank You
answer 75.84.63.* Answered at 2012.04.17 23:58:29
I've Been Reading up and It seems like your good Until You need to Renew.. Ive Seen it Twice.. I hope its good.
answer 99.66.227.* Answered at 2013.07.15 16:53:51
What if box is not checked?
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