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B&A: You're published--and that means dealing with the public! (Bonus Quack!) (Random Trivia!)?

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Asked at 2011.03.16 20:32:24
You're sure to meet a colourful assortment of people at a book signing, so...if your current story were published, what would you tell these people if you heard this from the adoring "fans" of your book?

- "Team (insert character name here)!" "No, Team (insert another character's name here)!"

- "Oh, in my fanfiction, I turned (either a straight character gay, or a gay character straight). You fine with that?"

- "Your book really got me interested in reading. What would you recommend that's like it?"

- "Your story is completely ripped-off of (another published book)! You fake!"

- "Who's gonna star in the movie?"

- "What were you ON when you wrote that, dude? Like, seriously man! Were you whacked, completely spaced-out?"

- "Why did you name (insert character name) '(what the last one said)'? That's a stupid name!"

- "Would you let Weird Al Yankovic write a parody song about your book?"

- "Your book blows more than Twilight!"

- And finally, "Will you sign my left foot?"

Bonus Quack: Pick one of these questions, and let one of your characters from your current story answer it. (My character, Caine: "How can a book blow? It doesn't have lungs, it doesn't even have a mouth!")

Random Trivia: What song repeats the words "leather jacket" in the background? (Your hint? This is actually relevant to Books & Authors.)
answer Kitty KML ~Kings and Queens~  Answered at 2011.03.16 20:32:24
"Team ..."
- I'm sorry, but Team Dobby. He wasn't in my story, but he kicks both their @sses.

"Oh, in my fanfiction..."
- Sure, but with which other character?

"Your book..."
- Oh God *.*....ummm.....I gotta go.
(I don't read as much as I probably should. And I'm ashamed.)

"Your story is..."
- Of course it is, I wrote that book too, and this book's a sequel. Idiot.

- Justin Bieber will play the fairy princess. There's not one in the story, but I think it would do him good to prance around in a tutu OUTSIDE of his spare time. I'll write it in.

"What were you ON...?"
- *hits fan with book*.

"Why did you name...?"
- You're pointing to the author's name on the front of the book. :'(

"Would you let...?"

"Your book blows..."
- But nobody sparkles?

"Will you sign...?"
- If you sign mine.

Character - Jarret:
"Why did you name Jarret "Jarret"? That's a stupid name!"
"Yeah, well, you're ugly."
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