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Voldemort question, just for fun and laughs ??

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Sirius P!NK 
Asked at 2011.03.16 20:32:21
Be creative and funny, what is in common between:

Voldemort and Snow White.
Voldemort and a Powerpuff girl.
Voldemort and pizza.
Voldemort and a rock.

answer Lord Voldemort  Answered at 2011.03.16 20:32:21
Sirius white-shirt-that's-been-washed-with-red clothes (:P) I apologize for the inconvenience I realize you are eager to die..Yet I have been, far to preoccupied with the Order as of late. Perhaps you can, save us both a great deal of trouble and show up at Lucius's manor home? I shall be more then happy to at last put you out of your misery. It may please you to know however that you're not far under Harry Potter, so even if you do not wish to come to me, I'll will meet you.....very soon. In the meantime it is as they say, do not get mad get even.

Sirius P!NK and Snow White- They are both foolish little girls, Snow white, for being naive enough to eat the apple, and Sirius for provoking Lord Voldemort!

Sirius P!NK and a Powerpuff girl- They are both brave I suppose, only that the latter may have the power to challenge her enemies, the former dose not. :P

Sirius P!NK and Pizza- They are both delicious, the pizza to humans and Sirius surely would be to Nagini. *high pitch laugh*

Sirius P!NK and a Rock- Sirius has as much of an instinct of preservation as a rock, why this is so should be apparent with this question. :P

Lord Voldemort and Snow White- We have to deal with an imbecile on a regular basis. She Dopey and I Wormtail.

Lord Voldemort and a Powerpuff girl.- Bella has said it all....

Lord Voldemort and pizza- The frequent eating of pizza, and the frequent provocation of Lord Voldemort will prove most hazardous to one's health....

Lord Voldemort and a rock.- As others have said the rock is incapable of feeling love, I would have to agree only that to me this is a source of much pride. :P
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