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Harry Potter Fans....If Lord Voldemort was a girl...?

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Sirius P!NK 
Asked at 2011.03.16 20:32:17
... Would he shave his legs, and wear pink robes ??
Something like this..
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I intentionally used the term 'girl' not female.. =P

answer Lord Voldemort  Answered at 2011.03.16 20:32:17
It's a shame Sirius that you're suffering from suicidal thoughts, but in case there's is the slightest possibility you may change your mind...Do you not think it prudent, leaving the moment and time of your death completely under your control, rather then so foolishly incurring Lord Voldemort's wrath with your, constant audacities!.....Perhaps once you're dead you'd like to be buried in that hideous mockery of my robes? I was not born a woman what dose, it matter?

If I were nothing, would have changed! With perhaps the exception of possibly finding the Chamber of Secrets sooner. Not having to take every precaution to enter the girls' lavatory, completely unseen by anyone passing by in the hallway during my search. But as I had to work to make my name known I would have done the same....There's also a slight possibly, Cygnus, or Abraxas might have given me a marriage proposal. *shudders* Naturally I would have shaved my legs, as a young woman, as I shaved my face with the usual charms, during my youth. In fact at that point being a woman might have been, beneficial, I have seen, how mindless and idiotic most men become when, confronted with the opposite sex. It's not unlike nature's own imperious curse. I would used that to my advantage.....Bottom line is Sirius nothing would have nor will stop me from fulfilling my destiny....As for pink, I must say this, the two women I know best, find it absolutely revolting, neither Bella nor Alceto would, opt to wear it given the choice, I doubt my perceptions would change.

Tell me Sirius bubble gum, you yourself are not unlike a female version of the now deceased Sirius Black....that was good move on Bella's part.....By any chance dose your animagus form resemble this?
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