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If you could co-author a book with one of your contacts, who would you choose?

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Asked at 2011.03.16 20:32:15
And what would your story be about? What do you think your contact would bring to it? What do you think you'd bring to the story?

answer qυιeÑ‚ poмegranaà Answered at 2011.03.16 20:32:15
Only one?!

That's a toughie, because I adore all my contacts, and would love to coauthor a novel with each and every one of them, but since I can only pick one, I'd have to pick Skylark.

Our novel would be a "The Catcher in the Rye" type novel, basically with a similar premise -- a teenage boy struggling with becoming an adult. Unlike the J.D. Salinger novel, OURS would take place in Los Angeles. Skylark told me she likes reading a novel or story where she can relate to, and visualize what's happening better with a real place setting, as opposed to a fictional one. Also, she is VERY good at art -- better than me at visual art -- and I think visual artists have an eye for setting and contrast and things like that. So, not only would she bring Los Angeles into our story, but she'd also be able to help with the descriptions, the setting, where everything takes place, and et cetera, because I know she has an eye for that kind of stuff.

I would bring the teenage boy into it, and the writing into it. I'm a teenage male myself, so I know about teenage males. Also, almost all of my stories have to do with teenage males, so I can say, safely, that I am good when it comes to writing about teenage males. Skylark is a terrific writer, but the difference between me and her is that I want to do writing for a living, and I'm not sure that's Skylark's goal. Thus, I'd be able to bring the writing aspect into our story. Skylark and I would collaborate about setting, conflict, and character and story development, and then I'd write it, and we'd collaborate again, and so on and so forth.

It would be called "A Novel About a Teenage Boy That Takes Place in Los Angeles." Couldn't be any more self-explanatory than that.

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