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B&A: what do your contacts look like....?

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Asked at 2011.03.16 20:32:14
so everyone on B&A is creative, right? so, describe what you think your contacts look like! sorta like a character appearance list thing. what do i look like?

JLT: tall, long dark blonde hair, dark eyes.
Jen: dark hair, kinda short, hazel eyes
Beautiful Nightmare: light brown hair shoulder-length, blue eyes
Apple Frost: blonde medium length, brown eyes, average-looking
Ivy: curly blonde hair (like your profile pic)
Chlover: strawberry blonde hair, short
silly turtle: curly short brown hair, green eyes
peach: average brown hair, side part, brown eyes
anonymous: dark brown hair and dark eyes
lilywhite: black hair, shoulderlength, pretty gray eyes
lyra: bronze hair, short, blue eyes. kinda like luna only bronzer hair!
hippie chick: dark blonde curly-ish longish hair, blue eyes

have fun!

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answer Silly Turtle  Answered at 2011.03.16 20:32:14
Katniss: I've always imagined you with stunning blonde hair like lightning. Just bright with naturally dark highlights. Avatar inspired, I guess.

JLT: Tall and thin with light brown hair, medium length. Round face and cheeks & dark eyes. I imagine you with really thin framed glasses, for some reason

Beautiful Nightmare: I've always imagined her to have wavy-slightly curly brown hair. Light, almost invisible freckles and blue eyes.

Lily White: Almost black (dark brown) hair & very bright eyes. Height around 5'5" and distinguished face. Pointy (not actually pointy... you know what I mean!) and round cheeks

Apple Frost: Dark blonde hair and brown eyes. Tall and slightly pale skin. Possibly glasses. High cheekbones.

Jen: Dark brown hair and eyes. Tan skin/bronze complexion. Height, about 5'7". And pretty almond eyes

Brent: Medium brown hair and slightly tan. Green eyes. I always think of a sweet faced guy, because of his friendly personality!

Ivy: Baby face and curly blonde hair, as in her avatar

Lyra: Curly hair and a face like Rose's in Titanic. Curly hair - auburn.

Pud: chubby baby face that is very pretty and clear

Kelly: Naturally light blonde and fair skin

@Katniss: You were kind of close with me :) I have wavy, hair *that throws temper tantrums, especially in the rain*. It's light-medium brown (I was naturally blonde, but it darkened as I grew older.) And my eyes are hazel - more green though.

@Damon- *hits the keyboard laughing hysterically* rfsejfse35f789354Q#$ - I *do* hope you're joking. That picture was a fake one, I randomly selected to match the fake account. I got it from photobucket. I look nothing like whoever is really in the picture ;)
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