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Are the Arabs and Mexicans related, why do they look like each other?  

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Mimi The EX 
Asked at 2011.03.14 01:02:29

answer bassmeister-D  Answered at 2011.03.14 01:02:29
I think there is more of an Arabic look than a Mexican look. But let's see. About 5% of Mexicans are white. This includes people whose ancestry is European gentile, European Jewish and Arabic. About 65% of Mexicans are of mixed race, mainly European and Amerind with a bit of African, and Asian (mostly Chinese and Japanese) thrown in. The remaining 30% or so are pure blooded or nearly pure blooded Amerinds.

Mexico was colonized by Spain shortly after the end of seven centuries of Moorish/Arab rule. Many of the Spanish men who came to Mexico brought Arabic genes. Those Arab genes are circulating in that 65% of the poulation who are of mixed race.

During the Lebanese fight for independence from Syria many Lebanese arrived here as refugees. Their descendants have since become very successful and influential members of Mexican society. So there are in fact Mexicans who look Arabic. Perhaps the most famous Mexican worldwide at this time is Salma Hayek who is of Arabic ancestry.

So there IS a genetic relationship between some Arabs and soem Mexicans.

On the other hand, Americans of pale complexion think that anyone with dark hair and eyes is Amerind, Italian, Arabic, Hispanic, etc. Just ask me, a white Irish-American with dark brown hair who grew up in the South, went to colleghe in the midwest and now lives in Mexico.

Best wishes
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Let me correct you, according to the Mexican census 10% are pure white and Mexicans are not mixed with Chinese or Japanese, that would probably make up a 1% as to the small valve population that still remains in Mexican it makes up to 2% as an estimate percentage the remaining black population has diluted along with the rest of the population.
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