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Does all cocaine come from South America?

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Asked at 2011.03.14 00:39:11
I was interested to know if all cocaine is grown and exported from South America or is it grown all over the world also? I live in Australia and was just interested to know if it is ever grown here or in other countries?
answer southhotspicie  Answered at 2011.03.14 00:39:11
First cocaine no grown because is not a plant is a result of a chemical process.
from the coca plant you collect the leaf dry,process's and make paste of cocaine , from there you process mixing with sulfuric acid, acetonee,and other bad chemicals and ending in cocaine after that process the residuals are mixed with gasoline , sulfuriacidde, and other basubstancesss include grounded bricks,and used motor oil to ending in a "bazuco" and crack .

coca leaf is planting as a regular plant par of the indian culture in Bolivia and Peru and aillegalll plant in Colombia, peru is the #1processor r of paste of coca, and Colombia was the # 1 in produce cocaine.
the cocaine after be produce normally in a remote locations in middle the jungle ,thnark'sss pull out by helicopters to a small airports and in small aircraft is taken to the distribution routs to venezuela ,europe, or venezuela,salvador,nicaragua mexico to finish in US, in many cases they process the cocaine and then cut trees to make small run ways to fly direct from the processing lab to the distribution routes, normally this people fly just few feet's over top of trees and that is why they are not detect always for the radar enforcements.

drug dealers get people to plant coca, marijuanaa and amapolle after collect this plants for about 3 months all this workers finished kill and burried in comun places with 1 to 50 people for hole, until the new crew is recrutied.

the more popular plant grown in other countries is the marijuana since is easy to grow in bassemants on simulate conditions and not need extra procces other then let dry after be cut and then just smoke it, cocaine and heroine have more complicate lab operation.

now since the FBI,CIA in combination of efforces captured and kill must the importants capes , the major activitie is moved to Mexico what is now like Colombia was 25 years ago.
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