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Grandes ecoles? Public universities? Any good?

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Asked at 2011.03.11 00:11:26
I was just researching a bit more about French and generally European universities and I noticed that a lot of public ones are obliged to take students after high school.

And the Grandes Ecoles in France don't even offer all the courses the public ones do. Then, why do people keep struggling to get into Frenc universities?

Are the public ones still better and more prestigious than many American and Canadian uiversities?

I also noticed that the web sites aren't clear enough.

For instance, te Conservatory of Paris is a public university. What puzzles me the most is its reputation. How could it be any good when ANY Frenc student can get in?

Is it a lot harder to get accepted than what it 'seems' and what the law says?

Can somebody explain everything to me clearly?

And is it just Wikipedia or the Grandes Ecoles don't offer the various programs the public universities do?

I thought I was getting somewhere; now everything's getting more confusing.
answer abdoucondorcet  Answered at 2011.03.11 00:11:26
french university system is completely differ;ent of US or english ones.
there are universities, there are grandes écoles ; the both are publics ; the both are free (more or the less, abt 200 € per year).
BUT !!
grandes écoles recruit students after a hard selection : only the best french students are allowed to study in. there are a few number. that depends of what you want to study, but there are the best students : that's the reason why people struggle for.
universities are free access, all of them. if you get the "baccalauréat" (end of highschool diploma) you're allowed to go to university.
BUT !!
in every university there are better places with better professors and better results you can get only if you're... a better student. so in the same university you find brilliant and lazy students. you'll never say in france "i studied in la Sorbonne" as you'll say "i studied in harvard", cause you cd be a stupid guy even studying in la Sorbonne (by the way, foreigners dont know but la Sorbonne doesnt exist for 1968...).
so... you spoke abt the "Conservatoire de Paris" (for music or theatre ?). you can't go in easily, it's VERY hard and very prestigious.

well, now, if you want sthg more, you shd tell us what you want to study... so we cd give a better information.

PS: french universities are french speaking.
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