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Asked at 2011.03.08 23:47:08
I want to start skateboarding, and would really appreciate being told everything you know(:
I'm not really worried about how to do anything etc. right now, I'm more focused on quality of things, like which brands are better etc.

Should I pay more for good bearings, or does it matter?
I'm guessing high, medium and low trucks means how far it is from the ground to the deck, but which would be best?
Whats the best mm to get for wheels?

And anything else along those lines you can tell me.
thanks in advance :3
answer onionmaster  Answered at 2011.03.08 23:47:08
you should probably spring about $40 for bearings if you plan on sticking with it. the height of the trucks depend on what youll be skating most. for most street skating, lower is better. for bowls, pools and ramps, youll want higher trucks and larger wheels and the better bearings really shine on these surfaces. i got some ceramic bones, but have ridden the six ball bones for years. i ride 53mm bones sts wheels and skate everything comfortably. the size of the deck is preference. starting out get 7.75. its wide enough to give your feet plenty of room but not crazy wide to add clumsiness. trucks fluctuate frequently with quality. the best of 5 yrs ago is pure **** now. the independent kostons are good for street, or the reynolds for pools and parks. you cant beat the nike zoom teams for skate shoes, but i dont like the new p.rods, theyre kinda floppy. i like mystery decks too, theyre super light and rarely break, got great pop and a big nose. this is all my preference, but ive put alot of time, energy and money into skating and i believe im pretty knowledgeable.
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