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Is your favorite wrestler your Y!A Avatar + BQ + YWWA Breakdown Vote/Promo?

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Asked at 2011.03.08 23:46:43
Psycho Dude 99 and The Force in ring with several announcements (read down below)

Match 1: Ric F, Scott Diamond, and Jon Kelton(debut) vs Dubian JoMo Fan, Enigmatic Creature, and Doni Wijayanto(debut)

Match 2: Johnny Chaos vs Charlie Scene

Update on Ms. Extreme’s and Serena’s condition (read their promos)

Match 3: Amie vs Red Sexy Cerebral Phenom

Psycho Dude 99 groundbreaking announcement (read my promo)

Match 4: Y2J The World Is Yours vs RT

Main Event: The Dragon and Clark vs The Force (Justin and Kawajai)

Upcoming YWWA Events

YWWA Breakdown Results; Tuesday
YWWA Presents GCW Vote/Promo; Thursday

Psycho Dude 99 in the ring with all Force members

Ladies and gentlemen, tonight I stand in this ring with men I would like to call friends. But allow me to go through the list of talent in this ring as of now. Openweight Champ Johnny Chaos, Justin, and our newest edition the lovely Sasha Fierce. Now as you all can tell I am not really in a very big excited mood tonight. Partly due to the fact that the brutality that Clark and Dragon stooped to in our match on Sunday was not only barbaric, but also entirely unreasonable. Which is why here tonight they will be competing in the main event against Justin and Kawajai (fans cheer for Kawajai) Ah, as many of you now noticed Kawajai is standing in the ring here tonight instead of Cliff. Why you may ask? Well because I am done taking $hit! That’s right! I am done taking $hit! I have taken it from enemies, from fans, and I will be damned if I stand back and allow my so called friends give me the same %hit everyone else does. I would like to turn all of your attention spans back to a few months ago. The Force was an entity that could not be stopped. We were an out of control, havoc, wild, and most importantly…dominant bunch of successful superstars. Now Justin lost his US Title, Cliff did not obtain the Hardcore Title, and Justin and I both failed at retrieving the Tag Titles. Needless to say, No Regrets was not a good night for The Force. However, a glimmer of hope was shown as seen here in the ring with Kawajai. A few months ago Kawajai was kicked out of The Force. Not by my doings nor by my wish. It was all done by the wishes of….King Cliff. And as I said he dissatisfied me and I will not take it. Therefore, over the break I was fair, swift, and kind when I benevolently fired his sorry @$$. Sure, he spread crap about me, slandered my name, and dragged me through the mud. But I don’t give a flippin damn about my rep. I don’t care what anyone thinks of me, I just want success! Cliff obviously could not bring that to me, therefore I have come to the terms with Kawajai. He made a triumphant return at No Regrets. Oh, don’t deny it. You fans were up and cheering your little hearts out when he stepped through that curtain. But, he didn’t attack Cliff and Wolverine for any of you. No, he came to me after the show and said he did it all for The Force. And just then I knew, he was exactly what this group needed to get us right back on track. He had the loyalty that I expect from each and every Force member. So Kawajai, on behalf of Cliff I apalogize for what he did to you. No, scratch that. We all apalogize for what he did to you. Welcome back bud! (shakes his hand)

Now onto more important issues, you see, I didn’t defned my World Title at the last ppv. Now there is good reason for that, and it will be explained later tonight backstage. Along with that, I encourage you to tune in to see what I have to say. The reason being, I will name who I will be facing come the next ppv Championship Warfare. And I garuntee you this, it will be a history making announcement. 1 in which you do not want to miss.

And on that note I leave all of you. Let the new era of YWWA begin! The rebirth era! The rebirth of the dominant force of YWWA, The Force! Believe the Psycho Dude, and Believe The Force.

NOTICE: Please read my long promo. It will effect many of you and many of you may be involved in what I talk about. It will definitly change YWWA and could bring in several new main eventers. Please read!

BQ: If you had to predict at this point, who would you say is goint to win the Royal Rumble this year?
answer Red Sexy Cerebral Phenom  Answered at 2011.03.08 23:46:43
Ric F's team
Charlie Scene
Clark's team

Promo:Finally after a month of barely having any matches here in YWWA, I get a match with a Knockout by the name of Amie. You know I'm actually glad this match was made, because I finally have a match with someone who is credible in the ring. It still sickens me everyday to know that just last month I was downgraded to barely any matches here and when I did complain about not having a match I'm put up against a no name rookie, who I know I can beat effortless, of course I did beat her effortless. What I don't understand is how Amie, Serena, and Ms. Extreme all had their chances to mainevent in the match cards the past few weeks without a complaint, while me, who works just as hard as any other Knockout or worker in the back had to complain week after week just to be put ina decent match and used correctly. Another thing I don't understand is how everyone's beloved Ms. Extreme, who only gets by with her popularity, like that useless bimbo Serena said, got a title match against Amie, when there were people in the back who deserved to fight Amie for that championship far more than her.(The crowd boos)Yeah, you people know I'm speaking the truth. That's why you're booing. Perfectly fine with me, because you know as always I'm right, and you ignorant, foolish people are wrong.

When this match was made I'd at least thought PD was going to give me a title shot for all of my troubles, but no, he decides to put me in a non-title match, just so I could blow off some steam. PD, I am still angry at the fact that you can never use me to the fullest or correctly like your other Knockouts when you know I better than them. Its so obvious to see. While Ms. Extreme, Amie, and even that joke Serena were fighting out here week after week I was in the back waiting everyday to be called up on. Finally after not being put in a match forever I decided to come out here in a make a statement. You remember the first statement I made last month before I continued making these statements week after week addressing the fact that you are biased when it comes to Knockouts of greater popularity. I've been in this company for about a year now, and just when I was on my way to going to the top I had a setback, and after that setback I rose back, only to be brought to the lower midcard, because someone didn't know where to put me on the matchcard. (The crowd continues to boo)

I don't know if this match was made to punish me because I've never beaten Amie here in YWWA or because PD didn't want his little Knockouts to be hurt if I didn't get put in a match this week. Whatever the reason is I'm ready for this matchup. Enough talking about the title and why I so rightfully deserve I will now go to my opponent tonight, Amie. Amie, you're damn right I've never beaten you, but unlike the last time we fought one on one together I will beat you right after I pin you 1, 2, 3. You see, I haven't been in a good mood as of late, and I really don't you think you want to run that mouth of yours tonight, because if you do that'll just make me want to kick your a** even more tonight. You saw what I did to the inexperienced Maria weeks ago, well you will see the same thing happen right before your eyes despite you being a veteran of this company tonight.

I can't wait to get my hands on you, especially since you just can't leave this company even though you "retired" already. If you retired why are you still here? Are you that desperate for attention, that you cannot hand over the belt and just walk out of the company? I really didn't have respect for you in the beginning, but now I really don't considering you just can't retire and let this company be without you. I may not like anyone backstage, but I'll at least do them the favor of getting rid of the ancient garbage that is still here. By the time I do do that this company will be changed for the better. Another less Knockout for me to go through, and another mission accomplished in my wrestling career.(The crowd boos once again, as I look around the arena in disgust)
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