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How hard is lifeguard training?  

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Asked at 2011.03.07 00:29:34
i am taking the american red cross lifeguard certification course. what should i expect
answer rebekah hague  Answered at 2011.03.07 00:29:34
I am a Red Cross instructor. Basically, if you can swim, and you are mature and responsible you will find the class very easy and it is not that time consuming. It is 30 hours long, usually spread over either two weekends or one week. To enter the course you must be at least 15 years old on or before the last day of class (bring a license or ID with you birthday on the first day of class).

The Pre-requisites are:

Swim 300 yards (100 Front Crawl, 100 Breaststroke, 100 Any combination of those two) w/o stopping
When you do this the instructors are simply looking for your ability to swim and be confident in the water. You do not need to be extremely fast (or fast at all for that matter this test is not timed) just show that you can do it without drowning and you will pass.

Swim 20 yards into deep water, submerge 7-10 feet, grab a 10 pound brick, re-surface and swim with the brick back to the start and climb out (within 1 minute 40 seconds).
Again, do this without drowning or touching the bottom and you will pass. You can push off the bottom when you grab the brick but when you are swimming with it you need to grab the wall before you touch the bottom. The easiest way to do this is to swim on your back with the brick holding it with two hands (you have to hold it with two hands to pass) and use an egg beater or breaststroke kick.

To Pass the entire course:

Make sure you read your text book as the test questions are straight from it.
Show the instructors you are mature and responsible enough to be a lifeguard
Pass 3 written tests with 80% or better
Red Cross tests are all multiple choice
Pass 3 Final water rescue scenarios
*Typically an active drowning rescue, passive drowning rescue, and spinal rescue
Pass 2 Final CPR/AED skill scenarios

Show that you can meet the objective of all other skills (first aid doesn't have a physical 'test' but you still have to show that you can do all of the skills)

Overall: the class is easy if you take it seriously, have fun and good luck!
answer 108.48.119.* Answered at 2011.06.29 21:18:30
honestly, i was worried about physical fitness aspect of it because i had swam competatively since i was 12 and started it this week. but i ended up being great on rescues and saving because I play football and do weightroom. now that im more than half way through the week, it's definitely retaining knowledge about cpr, breathing rescue, seizures, injuries, and all that stuff that worries me. we did cpr today and i just feel like there'd be know way id actually retain half of it when it's happening for real. knowing the terms and book knowledge sort of stuff is the hardest part about it. Especially involving injuries
answer 108.48.119.* Answered at 2011.06.29 21:19:22
i mean i hadn't swam competatively since i was 12*
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