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  How old is Mark Selby's (snooker) girlfriend - Vikki Layton (irish pool player)?

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Night Owl 
Asked at 2011.03.02 23:55:29

answer Jackass  Answered at 2011.03.02 23:55:29
I wondered that. She's very pretty but looks a good few years older than him.
answer Vikki_Layton  Answered at 2012.02.19 07:54:57
Vikki Layton may be is 27 years old.
answer 86.182.114.* Answered at 2012.12.09 16:11:46
answer 2.97.57.* Answered at 2012.12.09 16:15:37
She's 34/35....going on 50 lol
answer 10.159.217.* Answered at 2012.12.09 16:50:02
I found an article from Feb 2008 that said she was 30, which would make her either 34 or 35 (although I wouldn't have argued if someone had told me she was 10 years older than that!)
answer 94.15.227.* Answered at 2012.12.10 13:31:13
ha ha ha ha ha ha
answer 31.99.108.* Answered at 2012.12.31 17:42:54
She looks 43ish to me, he is so gorge,thought he was doing a Rooney till he married her!
answer 86.145.85.* Answered at 2013.01.18 09:57:57
She is 6 years older than Mark
answer 90.222.117.* Answered at 2013.04.25 12:51:05
She looks ancient if you ask me a would say she's a lot older than 35 though.
answer Rafolian  Answered at 2013.12.07 07:39:31
Answer 9; a would say? Think you mean I would say! Illiterate NUMPTY !!
answer 2.123.177.* Answered at 2013.12.07 13:45:16
answer 109.153.31.* Answered at 2014.05.05 15:47:20
Now, now be nice. She's an Irish beauty. Congratulations to them both. A real Nice couple...
answer 2.96.65.* Answered at 2014.05.05 17:16:44
So sad that people think they are better than others. Bet the dissers are sad lonely people who have to give grief to any1 but would run a mile from some1 telling them home truths. Good luck with your sad lives.
answer 151.224.3.* Answered at 2014.05.05 22:31:11
answer 10.0.0.* Answered at 2014.05.07 10:02:37
Max 2years and Selby changes to some younger lady.
answer 62.225.197.* Answered at 2014.05.08 08:11:43
She was approximately born in 1978 which makes her 35 or 36. I think Mark and Vikki are a really sweet couple. It makes me so happy that they met, hopefully they are happy as well.
answer 84.13.121.* Answered at 2014.06.08 10:13:47
She is 39
answer 86.146.137.* Answered at 2015.04.21 09:45:59
Vikki is 37 I know this as I was in her class at school. She is a lovely person and deserves every thing she has. Well done Vikki.xx
answer 119.81.241.* Answered at 2015.11.19 01:51:11
Il Buielo ha ispirato anche il nostro "Rosso del Buielo". Non è un caso. Quando, alcuni anni fa, Domenico Frigo mise a punto questo taglio bordolese di Merlot, Cabernet Franc e Sauvignon, con piccole porzoni di Carmenere e Petit Verdot, l'impressione fu immediatamente quella di un grande fuoco. Per il suo calore, la sua potenza espressa con eleganza, la sua personalità spiccata. Non ultimo, per il suo colore: rosso rubino vivo, ardente come quello di un tizzone.

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cai20151127 Answered at 2015.11.26 23:39:20
answer 174.34.133.* Answered at 2015.11.27 00:34:03
2015-11-27 keyun
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