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  How old is Mark Selby's (snooker) girlfriend - Vikki Layton (irish pool player)?

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Night Owl 
Asked at 2011.03.02 23:55:29

answer Jackass  Answered at 2011.03.02 23:55:29
I wondered that. She's very pretty but looks a good few years older than him.
answer Vikki_Layton  Answered at 2012.02.19 07:54:57
Vikki Layton may be is 27 years old.
answer 86.182.114.* Answered at 2012.12.09 16:11:46
answer 2.97.57.* Answered at 2012.12.09 16:15:37
She's 34/35....going on 50 lol
answer 10.159.217.* Answered at 2012.12.09 16:50:02
I found an article from Feb 2008 that said she was 30, which would make her either 34 or 35 (although I wouldn't have argued if someone had told me she was 10 years older than that!)
answer 94.15.227.* Answered at 2012.12.10 13:31:13
ha ha ha ha ha ha
answer 31.99.108.* Answered at 2012.12.31 17:42:54
She looks 43ish to me, he is so gorge,thought he was doing a Rooney till he married her!
answer 86.145.85.* Answered at 2013.01.18 09:57:57
She is 6 years older than Mark
answer 90.222.117.* Answered at 2013.04.25 12:51:05
She looks ancient if you ask me a would say she's a lot older than 35 though.
answer Rafolian  Answered at 2013.12.07 07:39:31
Answer 9; a would say? Think you mean I would say! Illiterate NUMPTY !!
answer 2.123.177.* Answered at 2013.12.07 13:45:16
answer 109.153.31.* Answered at 2014.05.05 15:47:20
Now, now be nice. She's an Irish beauty. Congratulations to them both. A real Nice couple...
answer 2.96.65.* Answered at 2014.05.05 17:16:44
So sad that people think they are better than others. Bet the dissers are sad lonely people who have to give grief to any1 but would run a mile from some1 telling them home truths. Good luck with your sad lives.
answer 151.224.3.* Answered at 2014.05.05 22:31:11
answer 10.0.0.* Answered at 2014.05.07 10:02:37
Max 2years and Selby changes to some younger lady.
answer 62.225.197.* Answered at 2014.05.08 08:11:43
She was approximately born in 1978 which makes her 35 or 36. I think Mark and Vikki are a really sweet couple. It makes me so happy that they met, hopefully they are happy as well.
answer 84.13.121.* Answered at 2014.06.08 10:13:47
She is 39
answer 86.146.137.* Answered at 2015.04.21 09:45:59
Vikki is 37 I know this as I was in her class at school. She is a lovely person and deserves every thing she has. Well done Vikki.xx
answer 72.52.116.* Answered at 2015.12.17 23:32:09
2015-12-18 leilei
answer 10.69.92.* Answered at 2016.01.17 07:59:37
My dad played football with Vikki's dad Terry, who sadly passed away. I had a shop near to the Latin family who may I say are the nicest, kindest, sweet family you will ever meet. Marie Vikki's mum is one of life's sweethearts. Vikki is stunning both inside and outside and unlike others our families were not born with silver spoons our parents worked hard. Don't judge unless you want to be judged.
answer 10.69.92.* Answered at 2016.01.17 08:01:06
Sad your life is so bad that you try to upset others
answer 10.69.92.* Answered at 2016.01.17 08:02:37
Noone did
answer 197.199.215.* Answered at 2016.03.24 14:55:49
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answer 172.80.120.* Answered at 2016.12.11 22:15:46
chanyuan Answered at 2017.01.04 21:25:36
answer 94.9.92.* Answered at 2017.04.28 17:43:08
You are sad people, Vicki and her family are such lovely, genuine warm caring people from Ipswich. Some people are jealous that some people have beauty as well as being a caring kind person. I used to own a shop near her mums house, Marie is one of the nicest woman you could ever meet. Stop hating and start loving the pennell family. Congratulations to you both xx
answer 37.228.253.* Answered at 2017.04.29 08:00:45
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