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What should I expect at a Victoria's Secret interview? Is previous job experience necessary?

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Asked at 2009.12.18 19:56:07
I'm thinking about applying for a job at Victoria's Secret, so I was wondering what I should expect during the interview process.
(Specific questions/tips/pointers to what they're specifically looking for would be very helpful).

Also, I know people with no previous job experience that got hired at VS, but I was still wondering what I should write on my application to stand out?

Personal experiences would be great. :)

answer vsAngel  Answered at 2009.12.18 19:56:07
I work at Victoria's Secret. Don't ask about pay. Just negotiate it. Tell them what u want, but be reasonable.

Make sure you're outgoing. But be classy and collected. Wear black pants and shoes and a collared shirt (no tank tops).

They will ask u the normal interview questions that ppl ask u about. Give a time when u had to be a leader. etc.

Then they give you a job preview, where u actually go out on the floor. It's easy u just greet ppl and ask them open ended questions to find out what they want. Show them what u hav to offer. Dont get shy, after all this will be ur daily job. It's no big deal.

Then u leave after they talk to you one last time. They give you a piece of paper to take with u. It has a number to call to take an over the phone interview. It's computerized, you just press 1 or 2. They ask you questions like Have you ever used drugs on the job and things like that.

Call within an hour before or after store hours to check up on your interview/application because they get annoyed when there at work trying to get things done. Chances are they havent even gotten to it yet.

Remember u hav to be 18+. Dont expect close to 40 hours. Sometimes u get 10 and sometimes u get 30. It just depends, but the better u work, the more hours u get. (if ur applying for a sales associate).
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