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Sports Ground Fighting vs Real Ground fighting?

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Asked at 2011.03.02 22:06:17
what separates or is the difference sports ground fighting from real ground fighting taught in traditional arts for instance karate, kung fu, japaneses jujutsu and so-forth
answer ISDS  Answered at 2011.03.02 22:06:17
The takedowns I have learned from a traditional style involve leading a breakable part of the enemy's body to make first contact with the ground with his and my weight concentrated on that vulnerable part. For example, an arm drag while pushing the chin back and sweeping the leg... continue holding the chin while falling with the enemy and basically push the head through the fall to make first contact with the ground bracing as much of your weight as possible to the arm/hand holding the chin.

In ground fighting, my traditional training has a lot more wrist locks, finger breaking, pressure points, gouging, joint to ground impacting (grabbing an arm then jackhammering the elbow into the ground if it's concrete or other hard surface), and one of the most distinguishing moves . . . abrasion techniques, for example... if on concrete, take a firm hold of a body part then start scraping it across the ground like you're shaving cheese on a cheese grater.

I agree it's more to it than just "there are no rules", it's also a way of thinking and a perspective on the ground fight. The question that enters my mind immediately upon being taken to the ground is "How can I kill from this position? Failing that, what's the maximum damage I can do while transitioning into a position from which I can kill.

These are the major trait differences in the ground fighting strategies that I've noticed between my previous training in BJJ and my current training in Kung Fu.

@Shiro/Clowns: I don't view this as a comparison between styles, but in training methods and focus. I agree a single person can make the switch in their head, and in doing so the exact same style. BJJ for example, can be used in sport competition and then used in combat by the same person. However, the danger of citing one or two persons as examples is they could be statistical outliers well beyond the 2 standard deviations from the mean to conclude everybody is capable of making that switch. It can be done; but can it be done by everyone? When I compare BJJ and Kung Fu in my own life I should clarify it was the difference in training focus between the two teachers I'm comparing.
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